Newsletter written just after Hurricane Wilma landed…

You’ve got good news and bad news…

Wilma blew into town right after we blew out so we missed the excitement. Now we are missing 24-48 hours of no electricity and water up to our eyeballs. Wish I were there. I’ve spoken to a few friends. The flooding is deep and far inland, more than we’ve seen in 30 years.

And that’s the bad news. Jason and Susie who live across from the high school said the water is 2′ (FEET) deep in their house, almost waist high at the door. My friend, John Wells on Seminary Street one block on the new town side of White Street and 3 blocks toward Truman from Flagler, says it came 1/2″ from his doorway. His house is about 4′ off the street – that’s deep. That’s inland.

The water is now slowly receding.

Harriet Street is flooded, canoe ready right now – that’s smack dab in the middle of the island. My friends there did not get water in the house but darn near. Sonny at 19th and Eagle didn’t get water in the house, but there is 2′ in the middle of the street right now. Joni slept in her 3rd floor attic apartment on Grinnell right near the cemetery… cozy all night, lost the top off a tree in the backyard, but otherwise all good.

The storm itself was not bad. Most everyone I’ve spoken with said they slept thru it, Key West to Naples. Penny is in Miami, as is Vanessa. It was windy but no damage and no flooding there yet -the west side of Wilma just passed over.

Uncle Brian is in Naples with his mom and their condo is so hardy they can’t hear anything inside! They all slept like babies. Wilma was there, came and went, between 7am and 9am. UB is headed home tomorrow to empty out our fridge!!! We’ll be home Wednesday night or Thursday.

The good news? Dave, who sells cars, will be very busy the next few days…. And Fantasy Fest is a go… there will be a party atmosphere this weekend! I’ll keep you posted. Key Westers are a strong bunch. Get up, dry off, sweep out and get on with it. I am anxious to get home and help out..

See you at the parade. I’ll be selling beer at Duval and Front for Rotary. Stop by and swill a few, enjoy the beautiful weather we are so famous for. Take care, stay dry. Life is good.

…in soon to be sunny Key West!


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