Newsletter written during Hurricane Dennis…

Dennis who?

wind, she’s a blowing! Dennis is down to Category 2 and is sliding
right by us. The wind is pretty unbelievable, whipping past the
windows. We have our shutters down with the windows cracked to let in
air, lost electricity about 9:30 or so last night. Trying to write this
before the battery on my computer quits! The boys (Hal, Mo, Ryan and
Uncle Brian) and Aunt Peg played poker by candlelight till about
midnight. I was up till about 2am when I knew for certain Dennis would
miss us. Bless the mountains of Cuba, knocks all the wind out of a
‘cane. Well, most of it.

The wind
from this Cat 2 is pretty macho. Don’t know if I could drive my Honda
CRV in it and if a coconut hit me, I’d be a goner. But no trees
uprooted, only one planter knocked over. So we are good, a little
sticky, waiting for Uncle Brian to get up, plug in the generator and

We have a huge
covered back patio and we left everything as is out there, it’s so
protected. So we have a nice outside sitting area, overlooking the pool
with the lawn chairs floating in it… that’s pretty comical. Katha,
the Chicken Lady, gave us two chickens about a month ago… they
survived just fine in the backyard in their cage. Busy pecking even
now, not crowing. A baby rooster learning to crow is pretty cute.
That’s all the news. I just heard a neighbor’s generator go off…
maybe it will wake up UB!!!

See you all. Stay safe, keep in touch!

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