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Dear Readers, I'm now blogging at FiftyToLife.com. Please join me over there. Today's post is called Me and My Coma. Fascinating.

I'll be moving these abroad posts over to that blog, poco a poco, so everything will be in one place. Once that's done, this name will point there. Hopefully, one day, I'll be a broad in sunny Costa Rica again, instead of a broad roaming Kentucky's frozen tundra. Still the same broad, just colder. I said COLDER, not older.

I just looked at my handy Ashley's Grain, Feed and Seeds thermometer and it's 58┬░. That's very close to freezing. Certainly closer than we've been in over 30 years. I'm ordering fleece and wool clothing today.

NOTE TO RSS READERS: If you are an RSS reader, meaning you see new posts on your Google homepage or Bloglines or on whichever reader you use (as opposed to an email subscriber), you'll have to unsubscribe from ABroad and re-subscribe to FiftyToLife.com. Sorry. I tried to move the names over, but no can do. Google and Feedburner keeping it close to the chest.

Pura vida! Send a little sunshine my way!!!

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