Books 2Sooooo much stuff. Not nearly as much stuff as we had to get rid of when we moved from Key West, thank goodness. Only because we weren’t ever rich enough here to load up. But, right now, it’s looking like a lot. Here’s all the current stuff: This takes you to flickr. If you watch the slideshow (link upper right), be sure to click “Show Info” so you see details and prices.

Books 1There are at least 1,000 books for sale… good books, too. Sold 25 today to someone I just met. I love the feel, the smell of a book. Who doesn’t, right? But that’s it: I’m buying a Kindle. No more lugging around/storing books. I’m done. At least until I am in my last home and have 10+ years left to live there.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

Books 6Here’s the other thing. Winston has a new family. Yeah, let that one sink in. Why? Because our life is so freaking uncertain right now. This is a decision I left totally up to the universe because I didn’t know how to make the right choice. Moving to the states with Winston would be really hard. For starters, I recently read that shmushed-nose dogs frequently die in cargo, more than any other type of dog. We weren’t going to risk that, so my plan was to fly with him as a therapy dog. God knows I need one. But that charade would have added immeasurable stress to what will already be quite a day.

Books 3 Then, moving around the states with him would add a complication that we–I’m sorry to sound so heartless–simply can’t afford right now. It’s all complicated enough. I didn’t want to end up wishing I didn’t have a dog. Especially such a loving and gentle dog. So…

I mentioned on Costa Rica Living that if we found the perfect Costa Rican home for Winston, we would welcome that.

Books 4 Well, a guy wrote me right away who happens to be related to Lori, the boys’ first homeschool teacher in Key West! [Hear Twilight Zone theme song here.] Randy’s wife’s sister’s family just lost their bulldog and were looking for another. They have two girls, 10 and 15, a very large yard, live across the valley in Heredia in a similar climate… It sounded too perfect to be true. Which I sorta hoped it was.

“Uh oh, this might really happen,” I thought. Bene and Eugenia [a-oo-HEN-ee-ah] came over, met Winston, and it was love at first sight. Of course! He’s an awesome dog.

Books 5And, honestly, they are an awesome family. Once Winston’s new mom started petting him, he wouldn’t come to me! Three years ago, when Winston came to our house, he was scared and reluctant. Today, when his new mom opened the truck door to take him to their house, he couldn’t wait to get in! So there. Fate. A big fat sad moment in our lives, but definitely the right thing.

Randy wrote me this a few minutes ago:
“We just came from Bene’s house.
Frond artWow, Winston is loving it. What a beautiful dog. He is playing with the girls and having a great time. You must really love him. If we didn’t already have four ourselves, my daughter would have been all over him. I’m sure that was difficult giving him up, but he sure seemed to be loving the attention.”

Nice, yeah? That is really music to our ears. Sam is going to visit after we leave and send reports. And Randy said we would have pictures in the next couple of days. Look for them here!

In the meantime, would you like to buy some really nice Frond Art? Fifty bucks for both. You heard me right: both. Such a deal! More like this…

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