Thing #1: Little Known Facts About Costa Rica

Map costa rica Not just in Kentucky, either. YOU probably know this stuff, but I'm continually flabbergasted at the people who don't. Flabbergasted.

1. Costa Rica is NOT an island. If you don't believe me, search "map costa rica" and look really closely. You might need the definition of "island" first.

2. Costa Rica is in CENTRAL America, not South America. Honest.

3. It's COASTa Rica, not CAHSTa Rica. Have I mentioned this? Dare to say it correctly.

Thing #2: Bald

Ok, not quite, but still on the path. I have just enough hair to cover my pate. The other night I was in a restaurant baño under some harsh lighting and, whoa, I saw the shine of my scalp through the sparsely populated forest. I could have gone my entire life without seeing that.

The good news is I think it's slowed. Either that or there's just not enough to come out in clumps anymore. Still too much in the shower (so I rarely shower, heheheh) and the first comb-through after that is shocking. But it does not come out all day anymore. I can often run my fingers through my hair and come away empty handed. I can't tell you how thrilling that is!

The only thing I'm doing differently is taking Iodoral. Don't know if it's doing anything significant for my hair, but my nails look terrific!

Thank you, readers, for alerting me to thyroid and hair loss. It seems to be definitely connected, even with temporary hair loss. I am 100% confident my hair will all grow back. Just curious if I will indeed need to shave it before that happens. That might be kinda cool. For about two seconds. In any event, a comb-over is definitely out.

Thing #3: Hard Decisions

I'm still in KY helping my mom. I would say "taking care" of her but I yelled at her this morning so I don't think what I'm doing qualifies as "taking care." The woman can push my buttons. As wise people say, "Of course she does. She installed them."

But she needs attention. I'm one of those "a nursing home is out for my mom until–if and when–I can no longer take care of her" people, even after this morning's fisticuffs. Besides, Mom can live alone, she can bathe and feed herself just fine. She just can't live without one of us a coupla doors down. She's applied at two HUD subsidized apartments, which are really nice and really cheap in Kentucky. So nice and cheap, there's a two year waiting list. So, till she gets in, I'm her caregiver. Or her tormentor, whatever you'd call me. Just don't call me late for dinner, ba-dump-bump.

She cannot come to Costa Rica to live with us. Been there, done that. We'd have to move to a house with an apartment for her. No way will both of us survive living under the same roof, sharing the same kitchen. Besides, she doesn't like Costa Rica. I'm not even sure she likes me, but she's stuck with me.

In fact, I've noticed in my time in Costa Rica, that it doesn't seem to be a great place for elderly gringos. Plenty of them move back to the home country for medical care late in life. Maybe I'll get flack for lumping everyone over 80 in the same Medicare boat, but that's what I've noticed.

Which leaves us moving here, at least for a year. Maybe more, but I'm only doing one year at a time. As you may have gleaned, moving back to the states for a time is fine with me. That whole "almost dying" thing: I want to be near my family, even my mother. I want to be near lifelong friends. And, darn it, I still want to go to acupuncture school. Why not?

I also want life to be easier for a bit. Familiar. Actually, I want to see if it really is easier in the homeland, or if the grass is just greener. I've already noticed you can hardly take a step in the states without breaking a law and the U.S. has the means to back it up. Or did. Apparently, police officers are being laid off left and right. Fine by me!

So, in between wrestling with mom and designing t-shirts, I'm checking out acupuncture schools and financial aid. Although we will probably land in KY, we probably won't stay here. It snows in KY, you know. Wherever we end up (which will be near the school that gives me the most money), Mom will come along. We'll rent a place with two kitchens and two front doors.

Without that free place to live and with mom, Key West is pretty much out for now. If I get in a Florida school, I can commute. The gulf oil disaster worries me. It ain't over: still got leaking, methane gas, a river of oil under the surface… Wondering when and how much it will affect Key West. Those people on the Louisiana coast are so screwed. Our government is simply ignoring them until they die or just get worn down, meanwhile making sure the banksters get their bonuses. Don't get me started.

If we leave Costa Rica, we hope it will be for a relatively brief stateside adventure. We will sublet our house in Escazú, leaving the Costa Rica door open a crack, and keeping the move simple. All to be considered… Who knows what the future holds? I am so one day at a time right now.

Was that really just three little things? Wonder what a post would look like if I really had something important to discuss…

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