Early morning ky backyard My Kentucky backyard this morning… The fog is actually fog here, not clouds like in Costa Rica!

Did another yoga class yesterday, it was much harder than the first one and I LOVED it! It was taught by my friend, Cindy, at her massage and yoga studio in downtown Lexington. I’d forgotten that I was Cindy’s first teacher: I taught her how to teach fitness waaaay back 25 years ago when she and I worked at mom’s residential holistic health spa in Stamping Ground, KY. I forgot until she introduced me to the class as her teacher. Everyone turned to thank me…

Dracula I’m sure it was a little shocking: I looked much like I did yesterday AND I’m in terrible shape to boot. I can still touch my toes and I still know the names of the poses, but my “expertise” ends there. They probably thought Cindy was just being nice on account of some delusion I was harboring.

MiaThe point of that wordy windup is that I was so worn out last night, I fell asleep at 10p, then woke at 5a. I love getting up early, but am usually awake too late to manage it. Drinking that first cup of coffee, waking up with the sun, is the best. So the sun is hidden today, no matter. It’s the rainy season here, too!

Kaiser The kitties live here with me: Mia, Kaiser and Dracula. Guess which one is Dracula? When I opened the door to go outside this morning, a bat who’d been sleeping on the screen door woke up and whizzed past me. That was interesting! Winchester is so lush and green, cricket and bird songs are constant. So unexpected the way this place reminds me of that place. Gotta love it.

I’m staying alone in this gigantic house – more pictures soon. Time to go to mom’s, see what she’s up to. Have a great day!

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