Since I’m going to be eating this way, at least for awhile, my shopping list needs to be in English. Click here for Dr. Kim‘s alkaline diet in pdf:
Alkaline acid foods list
. It was really gratifying when
I didn’t have to look up too many words!

Happybutter Turns out most of the foods I eat are on the acid side. That would explain the reflux, eh? I am a huge fan of the Weston A. Price Foundation which advocates Traditional Foods, including meat, dairy, butter (I could live for butter). On an alkaline diet, those things are either taboo or under the no-more-than-20% side. Heck, I am even willing give up butter to sing and grow hair.


Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation - excellent cookbook! From the compatible perspective, WAPF advocates all-natural, organic, non-GMO, and pesticide/antibiotic/hormone-free foods. Limiting your diet choices to foods meeting those qualifications ain’t easy anywhere, whether Costa Rica or the states. Costa Rican farmers never met a pesticide they didn’t like. I’m not positive, but I don’t think anything is banned in Costa Rica. Heck, CAFTA has a Welcome, Monsanto mat out, just like NAFTA. Roundup is like manna to U.S. and Costa Rican farmers alike. Hence the trend everywhere for health-conscious humans toward Grow Your Own. Heck, I can do that, too.

Here’s to going to any lengths for the pura vida, inside and out!

P.S. Pura vida is pronounced POOR-ah VEE-dah. Not PURE-ah, it’s POOR-ah with the OO as oooo, not oh. And if I hear CAHSTA Rica one more time (instead of COASTA Rica), I will scream. Which will sound pretty hideous right now.

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