Now that I'm a trippy spiritual being instead of the annoying human doing I was before almost dying, a couple of spiritual books have found their way onto my nightstand. Years ago, while trying to Find Myself, I read them all. Desperate for answers, I read every self help, know thyself and "become a spiritual being" book I could find. For years, I read. Mostly to no avail. I always felt better while reading, but the Great Spiritual Awakening eluded me. So I gave up.

Today, after years working a spiritual program, I finally got my moment of truth: there is no GSA for most of us. No brilliant flash of light, dropping us to our knees, filling us with the certainty of a Higher Power and the serenity that comes with that Knowledge. At least that's never happened to me and, believe me, I sought. I even let the Calvary Baptist Church baptize me. Those people are serious. But that didn't take. Truth be told, I did it for my boyfriend at the time. Which didn't take either.

My awakenings are little tiny ones, an occasional delicious moment of truth and, once in a great while, an epiphany. Out of the blue, two and two sometimes fall together to give me an "Aha!" moment, you know? When I'm paying attention to my spiritual program, I even have moments of serenity.

One of the books I just read, I loved. LOVED. I didn't expect to: a blog reader asked me to review his book. I told him I needed to read it first, because I only review stuff I like. Criticia Voluptua Right-Right, the anti-GSA me, is always looking for a chance to open her big fat mouth and I'm not giving her a chance. At least not today. How I Got Lucky and Bumped Into God was a surprise hit. Even Criticia liked it and she hates everything.

The first three (short) chapters are the warm-up, the why, asking thought-provoking, universal questions. Still, a study guide to intangible truths is not my cup of tea. I'm a terrible student. Entertain me, maybe I'll pick up the point along the way. Enter Chapter IV: the story began and the characters hooked me. Big time.

Sarcastic, witty, kinda hot, un-spiritual guy, Tony, is tricked into befriending a dying, kinda delusional, old man, Al. Seems Al thinks he is God; Tony's mission is to help Al realize he's not. But, for a guy who's not God, Al's a pretty good faker. Who's realizing what becomes the question here, and the journey, the setting, the conversations, all delightfully told. I didn't want it to end.

Did Tony succeed? Is Al God? Ah, the pleasure of the read awaits. In fact, I'm reading it again simply to enjoy their conversations anew. Including the first three chapters, because I get it now. Plenty of aha moments about things we know, but forget in our daily human doing-ness. No preaching, no condescension, just pleasure in the read. If you are looking for a book to enjoy this summer, sans murder and car crashes (although plenty of intrigue and, yes, even some sex), I recommend this one. It's a gem.

P.S. If you are here in Costa Rica and want the book as an ebook, click here to purchase. This is how I read it, my first time reading a book on my computer. I made the type really big so I could read it without my glasses – that was cool!

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