12 april 2007

Costa Rica is close. You can drive from coast to coast in about 8
hours, as long as there isn't an 18-wheeler turned over on the road. So
my new community doesn't have to be RIMBY. Members include sister bloggers Jen (an hour away) and Teri (two hours away).

Jacob_mo_ryanAnd future expats Randi, Robert, Jacob and Willow
who we met over Christmas. We'd been corresponding for awhile, hit it
off via email (it's surprising what you can sense about a person via
email), then hit if off in person. Great family, lots of common interests and sentiments. Plus, we were ambivalent on the subject of Christmas, they are Jewish so we had company for the holidays
without any pressure. Perfect! The boys and Jacob hit it off big-time.
We are talking about having Jacob spend a little time with the boys
this summer, either in a Costa Rica wilderness camp, or he can just
come and visit… we'll make our own camp!

Last January, Don and Jackie Gray stopped in on their way to a Manuel
Antonio vacation with Jackie's family. Jackie has been my Key West
beauty insultant for 20+ years… she's the haircut queen, no question.
So far, there's no talk of them moving to Costa Rica. So far.

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