28 april 2007

Around '94, Hal had business requiring several trips to Miami. When Mo asked where was Daddy going, Hal answered, "I'm going to Miami." One morning, Mo told me, "Daddy went to Hizami." At three years old, that logic is cute. At fifteen, Mo uses it to get results he will argue until hara-kiri sounds good.

Last Monday night, I flew into Hizami, rented a car and drove to Key West. The purpose of my trip was to work with Sam and Janet, who are looking to buy a Key West property. If you are a real estate buyer in Key West with fortitude, patience and cash, there are deals to be had. And more on the way.

I stopped in Coral Gables to have dinner with friends. Whoa. After leaving Costa Rica, Coral Gables is a sight for sore eyes. Much as I love Costa Rica and my life there, Coral Gables is like Oz. Colorful. Shiny. Unreal. At Ponce de Leon Blvd. and Miracle Mile, I was surrounded by big new stone and concrete buildings with sparkling windows. Appropriate lighting, manicured medians, pretty street signs, clean sidewalks. Starbucks. The buildings all look like they were just scrubbed. By hand. I felt like I was driving in a magazine ad. Whoa. Part of me wanted to stay forever, part of me wanted to run.

At first, the rental car seemed so fabulous. A sub-compact, the ride was smooth and fine. But then I realized, of course, it was the roads. THEY are smooth and fine. You are going 80 in no time flat

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