No samsung circle DON'T buy a Stupidsung, er, Samsung washing machine. I was happy with it three years ago when we bought it. That was then: before it needed a repairman.

Last Monday night, a belt broke. At least we think it's a belt – it won't spin. Bright and early Tuesday morning, we called Melvin, who everyone in Escaz├║ swears can fix anything!

Except a Stupidsung. Oh, he could fix it, no problem. But Stupidsung is so stingy with their parts, they won't sell parts to anyone "not authorized by Stupidsung."

So we are forced to call an authorized Stupidsung tecnico, which we did immediately. We were told el tecnico will be calling asap.

Dirty clothes mountain No, he won't. We've called everyday and everyday we are told el tecnico will call us hoy [today]. It's hoy numero cuatro, Friday afternoon, I have a mountain of dirty clothes, looking forward to a weekend when no repairperson works at all… and still no phone call.

Call me cynical but I'm beginning to think he won't ever call. Just don't call me stupid: I've learned my lesson. Never again will I be the idiot who buys a Stupidsung anything.

Laundry roomGet this: my maid has offered to wash some of my clothes by hand. By hand. I am such a spoiled gringa I can't even imagine it.

I mean, I can imagine doing it. I can't imagine asking her to do it. Meanwhile, I'll try to enjoy my nice big laundry room. Which will soon be chock full of clothes, sheets and towels. Pura vida.

P.S. My next washer will an extra-big common-brand washer that will wash extra big loads including gigantic comforters that will cover a teenager.

P.S.S. Ok, I can't imagine washing my clothes by hand. But you knew that.

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