Over on Costa Rica Living, we've been havin' ourselves a good ole time ranting and raving about Honduras and is it a coup or not. (It's not.) You can read the posts here (this is a 44 page pdf document… you have to be really interested!) The CRL camp is divided: half think coup, the other half think legal constitutional action. Both sides quote Honduras' Constitution. They've read it once and are certain they understand the details. I wonder how many have read the U.S. Constitution?

Some of the posters are downright hostile and very, very certain Honduras needs to take back Zelaya. Not me. I say goodbye to dictator-wannabes. Personally, I think Obama and Clinton are worried sick to see a citizenry kick out a president because he wouldn't follow the Constitution. Might give their peons ideas.

If you are interested in following this situation from a local's point of view, check out La Gringa's blog. I've been reading it since we moved here. She's paying attention, I trust her take.

I'm posting that pdf for hysterical
historical purposes: in a few months or years, it will be interesting
to look back and read what really happened then and what is really
going to happen next. And how right or wrong those other people were.
There's a lotta hot air on CRL. Not me, of course. Them.

In other news, I finished my second week of massage school and I'm liking it way more than I thought I would. In fact, it's quite satisfying. Bodies are cool. And I love being out of the house away from this computer! I've given a few freebie test massages and feel like I'll be good by the time I've completed the school. I might be too old, though: I keep forgetting if I've done a part or not. I don't really think it's kosher to ask, "Have I rubbed this leg yet?" Maybe I just need more estrogen.

I also have finished my second week of chelation using Andy Cutler's protocol. I take the chelation supplement (DMSA) on a low dose for three days ("on round"), then off for four ("off round"). The first couple of days off round, I feel pretty yucky, like I'm coming down with a flu: headachy, tired, the whole body flu thing. This means there is mercury in the old bod and it's moving out. Pretty weird, pretty cool. I'm sticking with it. I want that crap outta my body. Maybe I'll start to remember where I am.

On the home front, we are considering moving from this house. We actually considered moving to Heredia across the valley. We lived over there when we first moved to Costa Rica and it is beautiful. It's the country. It's really Costa Rica. Even though I have cows on my street, Escazú is like Manhattan compared to Heredia. So, we spent a couple of days last weekend driving all over Heredia, looking at houses. It's beautiful, it's peaceful, it's cheaper, we have some good friends over there… but I can't leave the city. I've made my life over here, I have friends over here, I have a routine, I know the area. The worst thing about culture shock is that Everything Is Different. Well, I finally know my way around here and I can't give that up. I like what little familiarity I've found, dammit!

All is well here. I'm working hard on the sites I manage, fitting in a practice massage when I can, exercising, chelating, worrying about money and teaching myself not to worry about anything. It will all be just fine, I know it will. Even if I have to go back to the states and live in my car, that would be a new adventure. (I'm still exercising so I'll be in good enough shape to live in a cardboard box if I have to.)

When I bought my first car in 1989, a Toyota station wagon, I bought it because my father had just died, I was in a rocky place and I figured I could always live in a station wagon. Hal's brother has our Toyota mini-van in Key West. We could all live in that. Camping under the stars, eating canned food heated up over a nice fire in the woods. That would be an adventure, now wouldn't it? See? Why worry.

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