Speaking of Costa Rica real estate and abandoned projects, Scott Oliver has an excellent list of questions to ask your salesperson here (you'll need to sign in but tons of good information). If you are moving to Costa Rica and looking for real estate, this is a good list to bring with you.

Welovecostarica While rummaging through Scott's site, I came across this article about their visit to the Centro de Aprendizaje Para Indigenas (CAPI – Apprenticeship Center for Indigenous). Owned and run by
the Association "Light in Central America", the centre provides
apprenticeships for indigenous Indian people from Costa Rica, Panama,
Nicaragua and Honduras. This organization has been around for almost 30 years… well, you can read about it here.

It is always nice to be inspired by people. I spend too much of my day being uninspired by politicians and unethical corporations headed by greedy, unethical people. Discovering CAPI was a welcome break!

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