US Airways crash 2008 Dec 15
If CNN or Fox drags one more hapless frost-bitten shell-shocked body up onto their dais to ask the same questions (what was it like? isn't it something that everyone was so calm? didn't that crew do a great job?) to get the same answers (everybody was calm, no one was hurt, the water was really really cold), I'll have to scream.

I'm thrilled their plane crash went so well and no one was hurt – honest. But the desperation of the MSM to be the One You Watch… it's sickening. You know they wish someone at least almost got hurt. Or that one of the hapless would break down on camera. That would be newsworthy.

I guess Congress agreeing to give Obama the other $350Billion isn't news. Nobody really thought they'd hold out, did they? The plane crash is way more exciting news, just maybe not for five hours.

My earthquake seems so meaningless now. We did have a tremendous aftershock today, one of the slider ones that lasted for probably five long seconds. I should call one of those iReporter hotlines.

Poás crater eruption Volcán Poás did erupt at 10:30a Tuesday spewing gas, water and sediment.
Apparently, the volcano is "acting within its normal parameters." Huh.

Bad news, good news: the bad news is that one of Costa Rica's inactive fallas (faults)
has become active. The good news is that, while there are thousands of
faults in Costa Rica, only 150 are active. Phew! I was worried there for a minute.

As of now, 128,135 persons in 61 communities have been affected. There are 23 confirmed dead, 8-11 missing (the 5-6 British tourists visiting La Paz at the time of the quake and listed as missing have turned up), water has been restored and all isolated people are believed to have been rescued.

Of critical concern are the 2,500 people now in shelters. Most of them have no homes to return to. Nor do they have diapers, tampons, toothpaste, shampoo, scissors, tissues, hairbrushes… Clothes, they have. Food, they have. Personal items are lacking.

There are excellent photos here. Good information about aftershocks and earthquake preparation there.

This site lists recent activity in chronological order, most recent first. Dates are day/month and they do the nautical time thing. (Are they too lazy to write am or pm?) The last number is the Richter scale. Looks like things are still rockin' over there… The newly active fault is a few km further away from us which must explain why we are not feeling all the shocks still going

15/01/2009 – 16:22 – 3.8
15/01/2009 – 16:18 – 4.1
15/01/2009 – 16:18 – 4.1
15/01/2009 – 15:11 – 2.9
15/01/2009 – 14:14 – 3.4
15/01/2009 – 14:12 – 3.0
15/01/2009 – 14:11 – 3.3
15/01/2009 – 14:09 – 2.7
15/01/2009 – 14:05 – 4.0
15/01/2009 – 10:33 – 3.4
14/01/2009 – 13:50 – 3.2
13/01/2009 – 21:47 – 2.5
13/01/2009 – 16:25 – 2.2
13/01/2009 – 15:36 – 3.7
13/01/2009 – 15:33 – 3.5
13/01/2009 – 04:54 – 2.4
13/01/2009 – 01:09 – 4.3 I think this one was right under my bed. It woke me up. I couldn't get back to sleep till dawn…
12/01/2009 – 21:37 – 4.0
12/01/2009 – 20:23 – 4.1
12/01/2009 – 19:25 – 3.5
12/01/2009 – 18:45 – 2.8
08/01/2009 – 13:21 – 6.2 The biggie.
07/01/2009 – 10:00 – 4.0

I still say hurricanes are easier to deal with because of all that warning. Sebastian Watt, a doctoral student in Oxford’s Department of Earth Sciences, conducted an analysis of our quake. He notes: "… seismic waves, radiating from the earthquake rupture, may trigger an eruption by stirring or shaking the molten rock beneath volcanoes. The disturbances that result from this lead to eruption but, because of the time it takes for pressure to build up inside a volcano and for magma to move towards the surface, an eruption may not occur until some months after the earthquake."

This passes for a "warning" in earthquakelandia. It will have to do. Since I've only felt one shock today, I'm pretty relaxed about earthquakes now. When Wilma flooded Key West, we were all so shocked, numb… like the airplane crash dudes. Key West hadn't seen water like that for at least 85 years. But a few weeks into it, we were all like, "Hey, statistically we're golden. Not again in our lifetime."

So, if this is truly the worst earthquake in 120 years in the central valley, statistically we're golden. Clean up the wreckage and move on as best we can. I'm going with that. I do not care to hear about probabilities and the reality of statistics, thank you.

UPDATE NOT 2 SECONDS AFTER POSTING THIS: Scratch all that being relaxed nonsense. 11pm, just felt 3 sharp jolts, about 3 seconds. I'm scared. Ok, just felt another one: hard. Maybe I'll sleep under the bed tonight.

PHOTO: This photo of the US Airways jet that crashed into the Hudson River Thursday, taken by Janis Krums, brought so much traffic to TwitPic that the site's servers got overloaded.

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