The boys are going surfing in Jac├│ and I'd like to buy surfboards rather than rent them. Although they rarely surf, they go often enough they'd get plenty of use out of a board. Besides, we don't have very good renting karma.

Can I buy a good-enough surfboard for 6' tall teens for under $100? If not, what can I reasonably expect to pay? There must be surfers out there… please give me hints on surfboard shopping. There are a few on the post I referenced above and I'll check those out. I'm looking on craig's list. But when it comes right down to it, I have nada clue. About surfboards.

UPDATE: Carton's Surfshop came highly recommended by Keith and a couple of other people so they will start there. Renting is $12 for a half day… they can start out renting, price the boards, learn something about them and then we'll see. Buying a good used one is where we'd start so if anyone has recommendations on that, I'm all ears! Pura vida.

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