Samantha as in Sex and the City‘s Samantha. Carrie says that to Samantha as Samantha’s dog is – SPOILER – humping the costly item. Stupid.

Yeah, I watched it. The whole thing. I rolled my eyes through the first half of it, meaning to turn it off any minute… Then found myself in tears when you-know-her met you-know-him on the Brooklyn-you-know-where. Whaaaa? Did my brain leak out in the night?

Most of it was sickening and worthy of every eye-roll. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are four extremely rich – I’m sorry: is anyone besides an actual movie star or politician actually that rich and that vacuous? – fashion hounds living in Manhattan. Admittedly my city of dreams. If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be NYC. Hands down, no questions, no pro-con list, nada. I’m there.

These days, you have to be Sex and the City rich to live there. So I’ll visit. ‘Sta bien.

And I guess their lives were regular. They had jobs (that paid incredibly well), husbands (sincere, affectionate, omg) and or boyfriends (incredibly handsome), apartments (big and perfectly staged). They ate (in fabulous restaurants), they slept (in designer jammies). They had sex in their incredible bodies.

Yep, just everyday regular with an endless mountain of disposable income to toss at Manolo Blahnik shoes and Louis Vitton handbags, without so much as a second thought. They never had on the same outfit twice and OMG they looked like a million bucks all the time. The clothes were faaaaabulous. I’m not even a clothes person and those outfits knocked me out.

As I was watching the movie, getting sucked in, I thought I’d like to drive these girls up to the Cabecar Indian Reservation for this year’s Christmas party. Just the actresses. The movie was a nice fantasy… but is this really what appeals to American women? And am I one of them? Ouch.

The only thing more interesting than the clothes was trying to figure out who had what "done." I never even watched the show and I knew those faces… They looked too good. Just a smidge. Meow.

Anyway, it was disturbingly silly fun – I even rented it meaning to hate it! Instead, I have to say, I had a good time. And I loved the birthday party at the end with that cake and those big ‘ol numbers on it. Little teeny tiny reality check for those girls. But hey. Fifty is definitely faaaaabulous, darhling, and I appreciated the nod!

And I loved this:

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