Mercury I’m still sizzling hot on the autism-heavy metal poisoning-chelation [key-LAY-shun] topic, and proceeding accordingly. I’m going to document my journey here because, well, this is my diary. I promise not to talk about my yeast infection… although yeast is a pretty fascinating subject these days. And germane. You’ll see. Here’s post #1, btw.

Dear Diary,

I’ve been faithfully reading every word on the nine ten yahoo groups I joined (the new one is Enzymes & Autism.) No, autism is not really my family’s problem, but these groups are where one finds out about heavy metal poisoning and chelation. Yes, there are a zillion websites with this information, but mostly selling stuff. The forums, wow: real people doing the thing and telling how it is for them. You can’t beat that kind of first-hand information.

Only desperate people will try something so outside the box, openly defying conventional wisdom, their families, friends and pediatricians. Autism brings the added burden of guilt and anger because most of us in the world believe autism is brought on, or at the very least exacerbated, by vaccinations. Not to mention all the other poisons introduced in that Pharma Nation. Anyway.

I’ve decided to chelate myself, then do the boys and Hal. Unfortunately, I will have to tell them first, but if it’s working for me and they notice my blossoming health, they are likely to give it a go with little resistance.

It is, after all, useless to resist Mommy’s new good idea and I believe they are quite clear on this protocol.

I’ve ordered the book Amalgam Illness which is the bible of chelation therapy. Andy (we are on a first name basis after only two weeks of disciple-hood) has an updated book, Hair Test Interpretation, but I’m starting with AI. Besides, you can find most of the details online, including the updated info, in bits and pieces. The bits and pieces have been so right on that I’m willing to spend $35 for the book. This is serious.

The chelation learning curve, like all the others I’ve lived through, is intense, but the fog is starting to clear. There are four gigantic items to tackle:

Food allergies. The two major ones are casein (the offending item in dairy, although some people have allergies to whey as well) and gluten (the offending item in wheat products). The other top foods are: corn, soy, peanuts. The list goes on, but we have eaten everything on the list and are still alive, so nothing is deadly to us. Starting with dairy and wheat, peanuts and soy. Soy because too much is not good for teen boys.

Yeast in the body (not like a vaginal yeast infection, but yeast everywhere: in the brain, in the gut, in all the organs – here’s a simple test to see if it’s a problem for you).

Viruses in the body – just starting with this topic. Herpes and Strep, for instance, are viruses that live in you, waiting to be awakened by a faulty immune system, usually brought on by none other than, ta da:

Heavy Metal Poisoning, the item requiring chelation.

Before you can chelate, you have to get any mercury amalgam fillings removed. I’ve done four so far and will do the last one next week. I also have a gold crown (moment of madness ten years ago, you can only see it when I smile big) and there’s a question about whether or not there is amalgam under this. I’m pretty sure the tooth broke and the dentist had to drill it out and use a resin base for the crown. The only way to know for sure is to remove the crown… still debating this but leaning to not just because I’m fairly certain it was removed.

In the Meantime
1. We’re starting with diet, basically low glycemic: no white flour, no sugar, no potatoes. It’s the diet I’ve been on for awhile now, so this is relatively easy. Plus no dairy: again, relatively easy for us. We use organic goat’s milk in coffee (they’ll have to pry coffee out of my cold dead hands) and we have goat’s yogurt for our protein drinks.

2. I’ve ordered AI. I’m hoping to actually read it.

3. Starting on supplements and looking for as many home-remedies/supplements as possible. I have to order supplements online and most of the people I know who have them sent here have 50% of their packages stopped at customs and confiscated. You may not import vitamins or medicine into Costa Rica. Very discouraging! Anyway, I will post my list as soon as I have it finalized. It’s long.

4. Starting to tackle yeast, so eliminating sugar (for the most part) and taking biotin. Can’t really pursue this too vigorously because I need GSE and tons more biotin as well as probiotics (which I hope to make if I can find rye seeds) and some enzymes. Most of this will be in the first batch of smuggled supplements. Oh, did I say smuggled? I’m joking, of course.

5. Doing Epsom salt foot baths and made an Epsom salt lotion (this is a pdf document). Magnesium supplementation is big and very important. These are two easy cheap ways to get more.

6. Starting to really pay attention to what’s in the food we buy – although we eat very little processed food. Clarifying all the butter* we eat which is simple to do and removes the casein and whey. Making our own mayo. Giving up boxes of pasta is going to be hard – it’s so easy for the boys to go down and cook up a box. But pasta in a box is not what you’d call health food. Unless you were Hal’s Italian grandma, Rose Bernardini.

7. Reading, reading, reading on DMSA and ALA, the two chelation agents I will use. I’m not sure I can get DMSA here, still trying to find that. ALA is availabe; my compounding pharmacist can even make it up in a cream.

That’s the plan. I’m feeling pretty good about this, like I’m onto something. I’ll keep you posted… I feel like my life is an episode of Is this anything? We’ll see!

*Kelly is adorably perky but I don’t think ghee is the same as clarified butter. Still, of all the videos I watched on clarified butter, this was the best demonstration with the most information. I also fell in deep like with Chef Kev “In The Mood For Food” – he’s adorable, too. Adorable is good.

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