"Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life." — Linus Pauling

I’ve fallen down another rabbit hole. Last Sunday, a friend here in Costa Rica, Dennis, sent me a video (the first one below). It got me going, to put it mildly. Since that moment, 5:30am last Sunday morning, I have been glued to my computer all day everyday, reading, researching, crying in anger and empathy, being more grateful than I thought possible, laughing when Jenny McCarthy is in my video du moment. I was never a fan; I am now. And aha-ing. Big-time aha-ing. Here’s the video that got me started:

Then I watched this:

And I was hooked. (Here’s Part II with Jenny in case it’s not easy to find.)

Before you say, "I thought they took thimerosal out of vaccines," or "there’s no proven link between vaccines and autism," search Hannah Poling. I did. Let everyone at the FDA inject trace amounts of thimerosal into their children if it’s so safe. But it’s not just thimerosal. There’s more crap in there: watch this (I just watched the first part, but this is 1 of 5.)

I’ve watched between three to five videos a day, just scratching the surface. By last Sunday night, I had joined nine yahoo groups: Adult Metal Chelation, Autism-Mercury, AutismNCD (NCD or Natural Cellular Defense is a chelation product using zeolites), BioRay Natural Detox (support forum for BioRay detox product use), Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth is a factor in just about everything), Chelating Kids2, GFCF Kids (Gluten-Free Casein-Free diet forum), Dental Chelation (I’m having the rest of my mercury fillings removed tomorrow) and Curing Candida. Each group sends out a daily digest; I read it all.

I have a folder with 57 new documents: notes, details on supplements, natural cures, diet, downloaded ebooks. A bookmark folder with at least 50 other websites to visit and articles to read. I swear I’m not usually so OCD. Really. This hooked me. Why? Mo and Ryan aren’t autistic. And, since there’s hope here, actual recovery, you might ask what is so discouraging?

No, Mo and Ryan aren’t autistic. But autism is not the only dis-ease believed related to heavy metal poisoning. Asthma is right up there, as is ADHD. Whether or not Ryan truly has asthma may be in question. But there is some breathing/allergy thing going on, no question. And while Mo is not ADHD, he’s a tad antsy and can be more than a tad unfocused. Public school officials would have him on Ritalin, no question. There are moments I’ve considered it…

When the boys were tiny infants (hard to believe),
I couldn’t vaccinate. They were so little and there were so many syringes
of junk. The one time my over-protectiveness had real merit. I didn’t know why I couldn’t do it… I had heard about thimerosal but, of course, everyone pooh-poohed that: "What if he got measles??? A little thimerosal seems worth the risk!" But I had the measles… I lived. So, for awhile, I trusted my
instincts and refused the shots. Somewhere along the line, the world
wore me down and each boy did probably half the
series. I could kick myself now.

Linus Pauling says 90% of all disease is related to heavy metal
poisoning. I’m beginning to see the light. Even if the vaccines had no ill-effect* on us, we each have ongoing physical issues that I believe are related to toxicity and yeast. I now believe all of them could be made right again, if not cured altogether, following the diet and supplementation protocols I’ve been studying.

To my dismay, this will be pretty difficult to implement here in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government has its own ideas about what’s good for you. I shouldn’t be surprised: after all, parents are required to vaccinate their children here. If you don’t, they can be taken from you. No consideration given to the thimerosal connection. Autism is on the rise here, but hard to monitor because… well, efficiency is not their long suit.

Did you know that all salt here, even sea salt sold in the health food store, is fluoridated? Ticos are proud of their teeth. They are strong and white, there’s a dentist on every corner. Maybe that wasn’t always true, so the government made a law about the salt? I don’t know… But you want a good scare, google fluoride. The stuff is literally poison. We brush our teeth with a baking soda / hydrogen peroxide paste. It’s better with salt in it. Except in Costa Rica.

When needed, we all do the modified neti pot routine: mix 1/4 t salt in a glass of warm water. Pour a little in the palm of your hand and snuff, then spit. It cleans out your nasal cavities big-time. Yogis have been doing this for years. A clear nasal cavity is the secret to a long life. Except if you are snuffing fluoride.

Yesterday, I found Hain brand sea salt in the local health food store for $4. Compare that to a container of Morton’s a friend brought from the states last month: $.67. Sigh. I did find Kosher rock salt at the deli. It doesn’t mention fluoride and I’m going to call the local packager, see if it’s clean. I’ll keep you posted.

All flour here has added iron by governmental decree. Even the whole wheat flour from Bio-Land, the local health food supplier. Even imported flour. It’s bad enough Hal has hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood – the only "medication" is to get bled… pretty.) But even without that complication:

"Humans, like virtually all animals, have no means to excrete excess iron. Excess iron accumulates in tissues and organs disrupting their normal function. The most susceptible organs include the liver, adrenal glands, the heart and the pancreas."

That doesn’t sound good. Can I live without salt and whole wheat flour?

Pesticides are heavily used here. If there is any regulation about using them, it ain’t enforced. We eat organic as much as possible – thank goodness, we have a pretty good organic market in Escaz├║. Where I can buy $2 organic pineapples instead of the $.50 DDTed ones at the feria…

The biggest disappointment is in finding supplements. Most of them we can’t get here: GSE, coconut oil, probiotics… the list is long, long, long. The ones we can get here are prohibitively expensive. I bought a bottle of Biotin yesterday: 100 1mg tablets for $7 = $.07 per mg. Online, I can buy a bottle of 300 5mg tablets for $12: $.008 per mg… practically free.

Ok. I’ll order online. If it slips through customs, I’ll be good to go! If customs grabs it, they will either charge a duty which is supposed to be 100% or not let me have it because I don’t think I’m allowed to import vitamins or medication. But I’ll give it a whirl, test my luck for $50 worth of vitamins at a time. Or, if you are coming here, I could ship them to you and you could be my mule. Sounds exotic, eh?

Still loving Costa Rica, except for hurdles like this. Makes me yearn for a big health food emporium like they have in the… Ack. I almost said it. OK, need a little laugh? Watch this:

*If you had vaccinations, they had ill-effects. Mercury never goes away by itself, even trace amounts. And it’s one of the most toxic substances known to mankind.

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