This is how my husband talks:

"Gold’s principle value as money to everyone but bankers and politicians is that it cannot be called into existence at will to purchase votes. We are not talking about the value of gold, per se. Of course a peanut butter sandwich is more valuable to a hungry man than a gold coin. Never the less, a man with a gold coin will rarely have to go hungry.

Gold is unsurpassed as a medium of exchange, storehouse of value, and source of truth about it’s political counterpart, paper currency. For all its convenience, unbacked paper money always eventually reverts to its intrinsic value."

He’s either really smart or very confused. I can’t tell because I can hardly follow it when he starts talking about money and banking and What It All Means. I smile and nod while my eyes glaze over and I think about what’s for dinner.

Lately, after only 17 years of smiling and nodding, I experience glimmers of understanding; the pieces are starting to fit together. If he would talk about his feelings, I could follow that. But he won’t. He swears he has them. Uh huh.

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