Because once is not enough. Rent it first; I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! The History Boys starts out like a propaganda film for traditional schooling: kids all happy in school, studying like mad and loving every minute of it… groan. But nothing could be further from the truth (the propaganda part!)

All four of us loved this movie; we laughed out loud. Intelligent humor, brilliant dialogue, top-notch acting, beautifully drawn characters. We never buy movies anymore, but this one needs to be in the house so we can get to it anytime. Like on rainy days… of which today is NUMBER FOUR* IN A ROW: raining all day and all night. Anyway. I just ordered The History Boys from Amazon and can’t wait to see it again.

Excellent movie to watch with your teen. Good history lessons, learning ideas and gobbets mixed in.

BTW, I’m buying the movie new because if a used one is not as advertised, a return is difficult from here. Possible, but difficult and expensive. If I lived in the states, I’d buy used. Mom is in the U.S. and will bring it to me. Along with my two pairs of clearance Chico’s pants, a new plug for my mixer (for podcasting) and The 4-Hour Workweek. There’s an interesting guy… more on him soon.

*I wrote this the night before I posted it. So it was Day 4 when I wrote it. But who’s counting? ME.

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