I signed up for a 30-day free trial for an online service to discover how people find me, what keyword searches lead to my site. The service is called "Hit Tail" and I guess it works. We will definitely use it for Hal’s new debt relief business. Which will be announced soon, along with all the details of my books. I know: the suspense is killing you!

You have also probably been wondering what keywords lead to my site, probably keeping you up at night, eh? Well, wonder no more, here they are!

I’m wondering how "homemade painkiller for horses" led to my site….?

Notice that 38% of the keyword searches are people (you would assume guys, unless you are from Key West and know the score) searching for their very own Tica Linda. Maybe for just a night, maybe for life. If for life, you’d better know this.

The sight of an old guy with his young tica wife and their new brood of young ‘uns is common. The first few times you stare. You wonder about the ex, if there is one. Hoping, if there is one, she is glad to be rid of the oaf. Then, inevitably, I wonder if Hal has fantasies. Or if he prefers an aging, diminutive, chubby, freckled, sagging, delightfully cheerful broad to the young GORGEOUS tica girls who would woo him in a heartbeat for a new life.

Nah. What a ridiculous notion! Seriously.

I think I’ll go put on some lipstick. No reason. Just feel like it.

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