About halfway through lunch the other day with Ryan Piercy and two retired guy expats, I was thinking, "Well, these guys are nice and all. But I really have nothing in common with them. I was hoping to meet more women and talk about where we could buy nice sheets for cheap."

Then the topic turned to TV and movie channels. I LOVE movies: here was a topic I know something about. We talked about current movies and video rentals.

Then I mentioned about how I was waiting for Amnet* (my cable TV provider) to bring me the box that changes TCM movies from dubbed Spanish to English, even though it’s $5/month, and about how I was willing to pay that… I guess I was kinda going on and on and when I looked up, I saw the guys looking at me like I was dumb or something. Then one of them said, "Why don’t you press the MTS button on your remote?"

I paused because I don’t like not knowing stuff and I was trying to cover. Unfortunately, nothing came to me so I said, "What’s the MTS button?"

They said, pretty much in unison, "It’s a button labeled MTS on your remote. It removes the dubbing."

Well, I came right home, turned on TCM, pressed the MTS button and, voilà, Turner Classic Movies in English!!!!! It works on all the English channels that are dubbed in Spanish! Which means, da da da dumb, we can now watch The Simpsons in English, too. And Family Guy. A year I’ve been skipping over these channels. We do watch the cartoons in Spanish sometimes. Good practice and, let’s face, no big topics… I can usually follow along. But TCM, that’s another story. I just couldn’t keep up and no English subtitles, so I’d land, pause, listen… then continue surfing.

Wow. MTS. Is life good or what? Who cares if it’s raining?

*I think the girl in the picture on the Amnet homepage is PRESSING THE MAGIC BUTTON!!!!

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