My friend Dan wrote me the other day. He said, "Okay girl, step away from the computer… yes, that’s it, take your fingers off the keys and step away…. 😉 6 posts in 24 hours, you trying for a record?"

Not exactly. Just in a race against time to get all the recent experiences out of my head and into the blog. Before it goes out of my head and into the fog.

First of all, the boys are in New Jersey having their stateside adventure. It is SO QUIET around here. Great writing time! Still, I am Jone-zin for the noise, for the hugs, for the chats… They are having such a good time and it’s so nice for them to be without us. Between homeschooling and working at home, we are together ALL the time. A break is in order!

And Hal and I are enjoying each other’s company without all the background noise. I’m not just talking about sex! You people are all alike. Actually company, companionship. Different from going on vacation together… This is being home together. Having actual conversation during dinner. Hanging out. Being quiet.

And just so much to write about: the Puerto Viejo Wrap-Up. Tell about our Day At The Bridge (faith in action). Ask you to bring an extra suitcase when you come visit or are traveling in and out: there are plenty of people who could use plenty of stuff, starting with kids and school supplies. Tell you about My New Job. Stories and pix of the Boys In New Jersey.

And announce my soon-to-be-published BOOK (Title TBA.) Yeah, I’m going to be a published writer. Another thing that never made it to one of my lists of Things To Be. Talk about life happening while you are busy making other plans… Besides, Hal has a book coming out BEFORE ME. Not that we are in competition.

Here’s the really big news: we aren’t moving from Costa Rica. I had a few serious moments after the attempted break-in. But where would we go? There may be a perfect place in the world with low to no crime, great medical care, low cost of living, good cultural events, jungles, beaches, rainforests, monkeys and butterflies. A peaceful stable government. NOT a United State. Perfect weather. An eclectic (to be kind) group of expats. Is there anyplace that has ALL that? If anyone knows, no one is sharing.

Another country would have to be EXTRAORDINARILY fabulous for us to consider packing up. We are established here. We LOVE our lives here. We have friends here. There is still so much to see. We have made ourselves as secure as we can. We remind ourselves it’s only stuff they want.

Yes, there is some violent crime here. I don’t want to slip the rose colored glasses back up over my nose. But everywhere has crime, even Key West has crime. Some of it violent. I will, once again, harken back to our last Key West Halloween when twenty 8-12 year olds marched down my street with sticks in their hands, looking for trouble. The cops who came in response to my call said this type of thing was growing and very discouraging.

Where in the world is the perfect place? All things considered, Costa Rica is IT for us. If we were running away from the U.S. today, this would still be our destination. Pura vida!

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