My friend Trixie in Key West wrote to me this morning. She is a world-traveler, lately fixated on India and immediate surrounds. We are certain she was an Indian princess in a past life. If there is such a thing. As a past life.

She so enjoys her adventures. But, sadly, last week she returned from a trip to find that HER very lovely home in a very nice Key West neighborhood (that she bought with my help for a very good price) had been successfully burglarized:

Dear S.,

I unfortunately returned home on Monday to discover that someone had broken into my house while I was away. They took all my jewelry and small electronics.  It’s a stressful situation, and I’m sorry that you were burglarized too.

Incidentally the policeman that came over to take some initial info told me that my $3000 gold necklace that I bought 5 years ago, had depreciated to $1500 "just like a TV."  Yikes! This is a bad situation when we have policemen like that.

I did have a few photos, but am not hopeful about getting anything back. What’s most upsetting is that many were necklaces that I had bought in India, Arabia and Morocco. Alert everyone to be extra careful and also to take photos of their jewelry and the receipt.

At least no one was hurt and they didn’t trash my house.

xoxoxo T.

So. It’s not just Costa Rica. There’s a German word: shadenfreude. It means loosely "shame joy" and it’s that feeling you get when you know you are not alone. That the bad thing did not happen just to you. You are sorry it happened to your friend, too. But, shamefully, it’s somehow comforting…

Front_yard_post_003 Just like us, you know the burglars have been watching her house. Knew she was gone. That is such a creepy feeling. Up to now, there has not been a lot of robbery in Key West. Only one road leading out. Where real crime gets real punishment. And, all the pawn shop owners know each other, they have kids in school, donate to community events. They like knowing where the merchandise comes from.

I’ve suggested a nice coil of razor wire atop her fence. Up to now, there hasn’t much call for razor wire in Key West. Can’t wait to see how HARC* handles that!!!

*HARC = Historical (Hysterical?) Architectural Review Commission. Aka: The Aesthetic Police.

And P.S. That policeman doesn’t know his gold from his nickel. Five years ago, gold was at around $300/ounce. Today it’s at $673. More than double. Small comfort to Trixie.

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