Mommy’s home. She got in late last night. She is too exhausted to
tell me anything except that she thinks sometimes my blog is too
negative. Sometimes I think so, too. Especially lately. And it ain’t
over yet. There is good to report, too, and I’ll get back to that.

I’m not a trained writer so I have to write whatever is burning to
come out at that moment. And the blog is my experience which is colored
by my current mood, the heat, my level of stress, how much money I have
at the moment, whether my BHRT is kicking in… so you have to take what I say with a grain of salt. Or a kilo. Sometimes a truckload.

I realize a LOT of people who might like to move to Costa Rica
someday look here for information. But I can’t write with that in
mind. It’s still my journal, one expat’s experience. Besides, if this only told
the pretty side, how valuable would that be?

Despite any negatives, I have no intention of leaving. All places
have negatives. So far, my choice is still here. Overwhelmingly.
Despite my recent lessons on crime…

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