Let’s just say Pan’s Labyrinth was not my favorite movie. Too dark for me. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Beautiful production, acting, cinematography, the lullaby is completely mesmerizing… the whole nine yards. But my stomach is in knots and I feel manipulated. HEY. I do the manipulating in my house.

I forgot to mention renting Transamerica last week, the Felicity Huffman indie movie everyone says don’t miss. Glad I didn’t: Felicity was delicious, very there. She didn’t camp a smidge which would be the temptation… The story was perfectly imperfect, the characters ridiculously human. Reminded me a little of Outrageous from 100 years ago. Quite a satisfying movie! Thank you for insisting.

Listening to: Billy Joel Man, that guy speaks to me some days…. even the boys like the old Billy Joel.

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