I think my Muse died. At the very least she’s on vacation ’cause the little cabin in the woods (in my mind) is empty. I’ve gone knocking, but the lights are out and nobody’s home. No fire in the chimney, no Patsy Cline wafting throughout the compartments, helping along the synapses. [As you read the synapses link, understand that I love this kind of talk. Without Thalia, this is likely how my blog will read. NOW are you taking this seriously?]

I’m all alone here at the keyboard. It’s unnerving. And I still have so much to say. Despite the fact I have not been writing, I most certainly have been doing. The details are building up and I’m going to pop if I don’t get it all out. Henceforth, I’m going to have to write this all by myself. You might want to push back a little from the monitor, it could get messy.

Perhaps she left because I’m so content here lately. Every bit of my life, our lives, are just fine. Not perfect, but nice, free. No anxiety. That feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is gone. Does a Muse require one? The play I just did was well-received and we are looking forward to bringing it back to the big Centro Cultural in San Pedro next month. The bonus for any egomaniac, er, actress, is being recognized in public. Already, people recognize me here which is so fun. Big fish in a little pond and all that.

My mom is moving here just before the play re-opens. I’m actually looking forward to that. No anxiety about it. What’s THAT all about? Everyone in the world is anxious when their mother moves in with them. I’m excited. What is wrong with me?

Xavier and I went to the opening of the Symphony last Sunday and bought season tickets. The boys are enjoying their baseball. I’m meeting friends. Yesterday, we went to Sabana Parque in downtown San Jose. There are ALWAYS tons of events, games, artwork, rides, ponies, kites, you name it going on at Sabana Parque on the weekend. Plus they have an art gallery, a pool, a gymnastics gym, basketball courts, volleyball games, ALWAYS a futbol [FOO-t-bowl, not foot-bowl, it’s FOO and it means soccer, not football and yes there will be a quiz] game goin’ on…

We also walked through the Expo Arte Al Aire Escaz├║ 2007, an outdoor art show near us featuring some really wonderful local artists. Prices rival Key West artists, however. Prices requiring the purchaser have an income.

I’m so content, I don’t even care about income. I have absolute 100% perfect faith that we will figure something out. Ideas are coming, X is working on a couple of really good ones. I’m letting him be the breadwinner for now. So far, this is my best idea ever.

Not that I’ll be slacking. I’m hard at work doing things that don’t generate any income, like acting, blogging and podcasting. Yep, I’m going to be podcasting, which is like having an internet radio show. Muse or no, I still have something to say and if I can say it into a microphone, well, I can hardly think of anything more exciting. I’m only wondering what took me so long to latch onto this phenom.

My good friend, Alison Lee from my former I’m-going-to-be-a-star days in NYC, has a podcast about crafting and she’s got me hooked. I’m setting up the studio (yes, spending money rather than making money… seems to be my m.o.) You will be the first to know when Show #1 hits the airwaves. I’m REALLY excited about this idea, my second best ever.

While I’m waiting for all that expensive equipment to get here, I’m going to create a new Muse. A dependable Muse. Relying on a figment of one’s imagination is simply not the way to go here. I can’t just write when the feeling, "the Muse," strikes. If she wants to go on vacation or move to someone else’s mind, there’s no stopping her. And I can’t develop a resentment against a figment. What a waste of time! I will have to content myself with an occasional stopover from Thalia. Her inspirations will be most welcome. But between visits, I’m just going to have to go it alone. Brace yourself.

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