Snakes_on_a_planeThis, sadly, is THE best line from the movie Snakes on A Plane, spoken by Samuel L. Jackson (who also said, "My job is to keep people alive. I’m good at it." Which he said – SPOILER – after 75% of the plane’s passengers were already dead.) You know how sometimes a certain line from a movie will stick in your head? Like "Sporks?!?!???" This happens to me all the time, my memorable movie moments (4Ms).

Jackson said "Sporks?!?!???" to Julianna Marguiles who almost lost her career after quitting E.R.… actually, she sorta DID lose it by saying on national TV that E.R. had gotten so stupid she had to leave it. Gross error on her part, telling the truth like that right in front of Hollywood when she still needed Hollywood. Sounds like something I would have done. Have done.

Dreamgirls This weekend I’m feeding my movie jones. I decided, after Dreamgirls AND The Departed both left my local 8-plex before I got to see them, only to be replaced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that I needed to give video stores another shot. After all, this is Gringo Land… Surely there is a video store with videos that WORK?!?!???

Turns out there is. Right next to my new gym with the evil Carlos. I rented four videos for 1200 colones each (that’s $2.40 each and I can keep all four for three days. Good deal.) Watching four movies is my idea of a productive weekend. Eight would be a really productive weekend.

I rented: Snakes, The Departed, MatchPoint and Dreamgirls. Seven am Saturday morning, I also saw Primal Fear on HBO [ATCH-ay bay oh, HBO in Espa├▒ol], good story, brilliantly acted with Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Edward Norton. Wow. Bonus movie.

Movie heaven. It’s Sunday night and only Dreamgirls to go. A perfect Sunday night movie. Plus, I can sing all the songs which, of course, is the bonus for my family.

The_departedGot to add a few more 4Ms to my list, too. Like Matt Damon saying to Vera Farmiga in The Departed: "I’m fuckin’ Irish. I’ll deal with somethin’ bein’ wrong the rest of my life." (As in "it can be wrong forever and I’ll never deal with it." Which gives me pause as I’m married to an Irishman.) 

Primal_fear_2 And Richard Gere’s "You know what I’m thinking?" to Laura Linney in Primal Fear. No wonder he’s still the sexiest man alive. Primal actually had two memorable moments. The other is "There never was no _______." You have to see it to find out who says it and who never was.

Matchpoint I can’t remember any lines from MatchPoint. The whole movie made me so nervous. Woody Allen can be a tad dark. I almost couldn’t watch it… but then I couldn’t NOT watch it either. This 4M probably would’ve been something about how when the ball hits the net, it can go either way. I know the feeling. Waiting for the ball to pick a side can seem like forever.

Here’s my Dreamgirls 4M: "Even though my man throws confetti in my face, that still don’t make it no party. No, no, no, it ain’t no party, baby." Yeah. Sing it, girlfriend. In a minute, I’ll be singin’ it right along with you, ’cause, baby, it’s showtime!

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