Remember when I wrote how this time of year is really summer here? How perfect the weather is on the mountain? Cool breeze, hot sun? Well, the rainy season is definitely over. I got that right. We had our last good rain about two weeks ago.

And because of our proximity to the equator (latitude 9°), the temperature doesn’t vary much winter to summer. Sun rises at around 5:30, sets around 6 everyday, 365.

But nobody told me about the windy season. The day after our last rain, the wind started blowing. And it’s a fierce, bitter, cold wind. OK, not like in Denver or Lexington. Or Chicago. But it’s howling 24/7. I’ll bet the wind chill takes the temp to 50°. Someone told me today the winds last about a month. THEN we get back to perfect weather. Goody. This whole freezing cold thing is tiresome, right? The only good thing is that I look way better in long sleeves. Small comfort when my hands are too cold to type.

ADDENDUM: OK, sunday morning and I just saw the weather news about the cold wave hitting the central U.S. Mea culpa. Which means something like My Bad. I got nothin’ to complain about. Cold wind aside, I wake up everyday to so much green-scape, blue sky and sunshine, it takes my breath away. Pura vida.

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