This just in from Robert, Randi, Jacob and Willow. I want to go here:

"Jungle House is a peaceful escape from the crazy world where you will re-define ‘awesome’ several times a day.

The road south from Quepos is rough and the bridges are scary, but after you travel it a few times, it’s just another road.

We stayed at Jungle House for a week in late December 2006 and we hope our next visit is not long in coming. We have two children, 5 and 15, and they share our delight. The beach is about 50 yards away and is the best beach we have ever seen. The water is clear and the long and gradual slope of the beach made it perfect for the five-year-old. We body surfed in huge waves for hours and then relaxed in the shade in the hammocks.

Leave your North American hotel ideas at home because this is not your mother’s Holiday Inn. We watched the sun rise over the mountains and then sat on the porch and watched the white-faced capuchin monkeys play in the trees. We had great views of the sun sinking into the Pacific every evening.

We recommend Jungle House and can’t wait to return on our next trip to Costa Rica."

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