Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary of slang and jargon in use by the GenXers and the Millenials, my sons’ generation. There are established words there, too, but with a more complete definition – sometimes a real, sometimes imagined definition – than Merriam-Webster. If you have any teenagers around, you need to know about this site so you can decipher what they are saying.

And you’ll find brand new words, made up words. If you think up a word, you can write it into Urban Dictionary’s
database, sort of like Wikipedia. You have to give your new word a definition and
then use it in a sentence. Other Urban Dictionary users then vote on it. If it gets enough thumbs up, it could become the word of the day.

To which I subscribe. Because sometimes, like today, you get a totally rad new word:

Urban Word of the Day: celebutard

DEFINITION: A famous stupid person. Typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities.

USED IN A SENTENCE: "Celebutard Paris Hilton got the name of her own videogame wrong."

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