But Granada already has a train. This one has a tractor inside. Hey, it’s farm country. Day three and still enthralled by Nicaragua, what a place. Much more to report, but too hot and tired to type right now. It’s hot here! In Costa Rica, we live at 3500 feet above sea level, breezy and cool. Here we are at sea level… HOT. Not nearly as humid as Key West. And here, it’s cool in the shade, HOT in the sun. Here are our pictures so far: Day One, Day Two, Day Three. Hasta ma├▒ana, Saratica

P.S. For those of you not of Key West, "Ed" is Ed Swift, local businessman and owner/founder of HTA, Historic Tours of America. HTA litters the streets with trolleys and trains offering tours to visitors from around the globe… He takes a good ribbing, but the truth is we all wish we’d thought of it! Well, in Granada, somebody else did. No tour, though, just loud music. Really, really loud. Like a Fantasy Fest parade entry. It’s the oddest thing…

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