I must be psychic. Yesterday I mention terrifying bridges, today we have a photo of an actual bridge event from A.M. Costa Rica.
Caption: "Whoops!!! [‘WHOOPS’?????] A worker unloads gravel from a truck that pushed through an old banana company railroad bridge over the Río  Savegre south of Quepos. The improvised bridge has welded rails as a deck and some gave way under the weight of the vehicle this week."

Not only is this bridge old, but apparently it’s "IMPROVISED". What??? An "improvised" bridge? What the hell does that mean??? I remember this bridge VERY well from our drive to Manual Antonio. I was gasping, faced drained of color as we approached and waited behind a line of cars for our turn to cross the one lane bridge. I was practically in a dead faint as we went over… And this isn’t the only one. There are worse, far worse.

Rumor is they build bridges here, then don’t pay any attention to them until they FALL. Then they are replaced. Like in this photo taken at the La Paz Waterfalls. This is so VERY third world of them. I can’t believe it’s totally true, but pictures don’t lie. Trust me when I tell you I remember this "rumor" every time I go over a bridge. Particularly a high bridge like the one we cross on the way to San Jose. Living in Costa Rica sure does bring you closer to God thru prayer.

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