Main Entry: ad•ven•ture

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English aventure, from Old French, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin adventura, from Latin adventus, past participle of advenire to arrive, from ad- + venire to come

1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks b : the encountering of risks 2 : an exciting or remarkable experience 3 : an enterprise involving financial risk

Around the middle of last December, after a decidedly hellacious fall and early winter and an end to income, this family opted for a dose of Adventure. Not ones to agonize over the piddly details of life-changing events, we’ve taken a sabbatical and – if you don’t already know this, you might want to sit down – moved to Costa Rica for a year.

You’ve never heard us mention Costa Rica and how much we love it and how much we’d like to live here one day, because, um, we’ve never BEEN here before.

If you are thinking “You did what?”, you’ll find answers here. At least all the answers we can think of. The link leads you to the first post (of 5 so far) on our Costa Rica blog, with photos, talk about what life is like in CR, in a totally foreign country where everyone speaks another language REALLY REALLY fast, how we are holding up. We’ve been here just over 30 days and to call this an adventure is putting it mildly!

You are reading the News Brief Swan Song, for now. This started out as a real estate newsletter and, well, I’m not in Key West real estate at the moment! (No one is actually… that business is, tragically, in quite the slump.)

It’s been good to me, this business, like Key West theatre and my Key West buddies. Tremendously satisfying, kept food on the table and given me friends for life. Although suffering burnout, I expect my enthusiasm for the work will return. My license is active, the website is up and running, I have access to the MLS. I take a peek everyday, keep up via email with my REALTOR® buddies… I mean, I’m not DEAD.

There’s life on the blog – please read and comment if you like. If you want to know when there is a new post to peruse, put your email address in the “Subscribe Me” link.

That’s the plan: year of world travel, learn another language, then back to our southernmost U.S. hometown. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Hasta entonces, yo sigo la muchacha de ensueño. (I think that means “Until then, I remain the dreamy girl.” Jal says it means “Until then, I remain the girl of your dreams.” Either way.)

Stay safe, stay dry, please stay in touch –
Love, Saratica 

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