The G Files

The Badgetts were here for two jam-packed weeks, and we been havin’ a big ol’ time. When anyone comes to visit and they want to run around, requiring us to actually leave our zona familiar, I am reminded how diverse, beautiful and just darned amazing Costa Rica is. That whole “90 different mini-climates” thing […]

Spaghetti with Santa a hit!

var addthis_pub = “Saratica”;

Jamais (on the right) did a bang-up job with her fundraiser: ₡1,000,000 colones ($2,000). You can buy a lot of goodies with that kinda dough in Costa Rica.

And she was cool as a cucumber that day! She put the whole thing together, made all the meatballs and […]

Help Bring Santa to Costa Rica!

var addthis_pub = "Saratica";

A benefit for disabled orphans at the Hogar Infantil San Gabriel.Spaghetti with Santa!

Saturday, Dec 6th

11am to 2pmDonation: ₡5,000 for adults • ₡2,500 for kids

Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, garlic bread, beverage+ brownie!~ Enjoy live music by Harmony Roads ~

Where: Big Mike's Guesthouse

Directions: In […]

“I would like to order a cock.”

Hal and the boys are teaching English at a nearby volunteer school. They go twice a week: once teaching adults, once teaching teens. The adults are easier just because they show up voluntarily. The teens have been coerced by either parents or school so are pretty disinterested in mastering English. All they really want to […]

“Mel Gibson, Please.”

I thought of something else I need in 2008. I need to talk to Mel Gibson. If you know him, could you please get me an audience?

Why? Well, he’s cute for one thing, although probably too old for me now. OK: DON’T tell him I said that.

Plus, he bought a huge chunk of […]

Where Do I Begin?

Last Thursday, the Badgetts and Mo and Ryan and I all took off for Ginnee and Phil Hancock’s home out in the boonies. I mean OUT in the BOONIES. The Badgetts brought an extra suitcase with clothes and Christmas presents for the Cabecar [kah-BECK-are] indigenous tribe. We’d all been invited to spend a couple […]

5 Gifts for Christmas Eve

This is from today’s Costa Rica Living Group board:

Christmas Eve in San Jose25th Anniversary

On December 24th, twenty five years ago, five gifts were given to five kids in the shacks existing back then in Bajo de los Ledezma, located between Rohmoser and La Uruca. Today, the kids who received those gifts on December […]

A Tale Of Four Boys

The Bridge sent out its monthly newsletter today. As I read the tale of four boys, I remembered a moment from the International Living conference. When I got to the part about driving, I said, "There are Costa Ricans who have never ever been in a car. Many who have never been in a personal […]

Hey – Room In Their Bags!!!!

Carly wrote to me this week about her family’s upcoming visit. And the extras they are bringing in their suitcases. I post it to give you ideas about how YOU can bring a little extra something when you come to Costa Rica! It’s so easy!!!

Carly writes to me:

Hi, Saratica, remember me? [Of course, […]

Parismina Advice

Jackie wrote asking advice for her upcoming trip to Parismina:

Hi Sara,

How are you? I have been reading your CR blog the past few days and I just wanted to let you know its great. I lived In Quepos, CR for several months and loved it. I traveled all over CR and I […]

La Carpio

"I’ve worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty." – Groucho Marx in Monkey Business

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is no place like La Carpio. No place at all. My visit last Wednesday was so overwhelming, I’m having a hard time putting everything into words coherently. You know, like […]

What You Can Give

In the U.S., we all give money to our charities. We don’t usually give time. We don’t give stuff unless we’ve already used it and are ready to give it away. This method of giving works for us. It’s easy. Those in charge of the funds buy the needed things. One hopes.

In Costa Rica, […]

Journey to the Cabecar Indigenous Reservation

Ginnee Hancock lives with her husband Felipe in Esperanza and Atirro de Turrialba. She is also a blogger and talks about life on their 1,270 acre rainforest farm. She agrees that a young, strong mind is a terrible thing to waste and challenged her neighbor and friend… well, here’s the whole story. Ginnee says: