The Gringo Teen Thang

Maybe some of the following applies to tico teens, too, I don't know. I only know mine. Very well. As they do me, since we're together all day every single day and always have been.

In Fred's comment yesterday, he brought up points I had originally included in that post, then erased to keep […]

Still In Shock

You will be, too, when you read this, especially if you’ve ever had first-hand experience with migración. If you are moving to Costa Rica, a visit to migración will be required sooner or later. By the way, be sure to take your own papel higenico [pa-PELL ee-HEN-ick-oh, t.p.] Trust me, you will be there so […]

What If We Don’t Come Home?

22 jan 2007

This is how scary the roads are here: on Xavier's and my first date in Costa Rica, as he was white-knuckling the steering wheel and I white-knuckling my thighs, ä thought occurred to both of us simultaneously. What would the boys do if we didn't come home? Sounds like a fun date, […]

“Mom, are we here as guests or volunteers?”

Ryan is a lovebug. Spontaneously affectionate, huggy, sweet. Morgan, although he adores me (of course, who wouldn’t?), is not spontaneously affectionate. When the boys are away, Ryan calls me to chat probably once a week, sometimes a few days in a row if there is something to share. Morgan would have to be away for […]

The Geographical Center of Nowhere

That’s where we dropped off los tres muchachos yesterday. Good ‘n far away! Actually, the odometer says it’s only 47.7 miles from our house. The 2.5 hour drive at 20mph makes it seem across the world. Thank goodness it’s another one of Costa Rica’s truly amazing drives, ending at one of its most amazing places: […]

Three Dudes

Budding Mafiosos, from the look of ’em. Mo gets special mention as a Cuban narcotraficante lookalike. That ‘stache adds to the mystery, eh? Wonder how much money one of those narcotraficante guys make? Just kidding… drug money could not be worth it.*

Robert ("the dad, old like us Hal") said:

"Yeah, they looked pretty good. […]

Surviving A Hormone Bath

We have just had the loveliest day and I wanted to write about it before I fall into bed after being up all night. Mo had a birthday party/sleepover last night to celebrate his 16th birthday. There were seven teens here: Mo and Ryan, four girls and another boy. At around 9pm, three of […]

I Can’t WAIT Till Mo & Ryan See THIS:

It is 2am and I am up far too late… but I had to take a look at a YouTube link sent a couple of days ago from my friend, Jan. OH MY GOD: thank you, Jan!!!! It’s almost not even funny, it brings tears to my eyes, it’s so true. SO SO nice I’m […]

“Obras, No Palabras.”

"Works, Not Words." On the last jungle weekend of Camp Jungle2Jersey, the boys and I visited Barry and Nanci at The Bridge located a hair to the north of Puerto Viejo. I will try to write about The Bridge and our day there without using the words incredible, amazing, inspiring, beautiful, moving, overwhelming, unbelievable, […]

Puerto Viejo & Points South

This trail picks up at Limón, just after the ferry ride from Parismina. From that small port (and I couldn’t find this place on a map if my life depended on it), we took a local bus into Limón. Which was not that easy to catch… At most bus stops, like 90% of them, there […]

Thievery From Every Perspective

July has been quite the month for lessons on crime.

On Day One of Camp J2J, we were stolen from. At our first cabina in Puerto Viejo, I was accused of stealing, lying and poor parenting. When I got home, I discovered we’d had an attempted break-in at our house. Thievery from every perspective.

On […]

Guardian Rabbi

So My Three Sons get on a plane today bound for ATL (Atlantic City, NJ) with a quick 3-hour layover in FLL (Ft. Lauderdale). We got those cheap tickets from that brand new ULCC* start-up airline, what’s it called? Oh, right: Spirit.

Spirit has impressed the heck out of us so far. First, they lost […]

Conquering the Mighty Pacuare

The Fearless Four along with Hal the Driver are on the way to doing just this when our car breaks down. Two days before, Hal had picked it up from the shop where it’d been for a week. Driving these roads does a pretty thorough wear and tear job on your suspension… Since we’d […]