“Moving To Costa Rica”

by Hal O'Boyle

Excellent book of essays on moving to Costa Rica for less than $13! Get your copy here. (Hal can be a very funny guy!!!)


Vacation Eyes

15 july 2007

In my morning meditation book, the lesson today is about practicing what the author calls The Vacation Principle. She writes, "When you're a tourist, the place you are is the most important place there is. … Everything is fascinating."

That's exactly what I've been missing, that "everything is fascinating" feeling. Our first […]

Follow The Bouncing Ball

We are home again, back at my desk next to my bed wearing my sheets (the bed, not me). So happy to be in my house with my stuff. Overlooking my valley. Through my razor wire. Which seems to have lost its lustre. Sigh.

I have to tell you: I came back a tad confused. […]

The Baby Back Door

Last week, my friend Isabela (her real name) called me and asked if my new maid, Ginger (not her real name), could leave my house to go babysit for guests in one of Isabela’s rental condos. Seems the wife was giving birth RIGHT NOW and someone needed to go watch the two year old.

Sure, […]

“Are You For Real?”

My presentation went very well at the International Living Conference in Jac├│, er Herradura. Los Suenos lives up to its name… oh my, it is severely swanky! Except the coffee served in the conference was pathetic, which is a disgrace in Costa Rica. The "snacks" were equally pathetic. But if looks are everything, this place […]

Or Maybe…

I just need more to do, idle hands and all that. Maybe if I were busier, I wouldn’t have time to sit around examining my navel. I wouldn’t hear the what because maybe there is no what. Maybe I’m just making it all up for Something Important to do.

Speaking of which, there are two […]

My Cup Runneth Over

Mostly with things to do, but I’ve been gifted with a few lovelies from the universe as well.

1. The first to do today was to search online for the article starring me in the L.A. Times. I seem to have a knack for drawing attention to myself. For free, but hoping it leads to […]

Dennis on Moving To Costa Rica

This is a letter from my friend Dennis to his friend John about moving to Costa Rica. Dennis leaves no stone unturned when investigating ANYTHING. He’s a geek and a dear man. I’ve met a few of his friends who are equally as interesting and dear. Lots of good information here, from a different perspective. […]

So Much To Say… So Few Hours in the Day!

My friend Dan wrote me the other day. He said, "Okay girl, step away from the computer… yes, that’s it, take your fingers off the keys and step away…. ­čśë 6 posts in 24 hours, you trying for a record?"

Not exactly. Just in a race against time to get all the recent experiences out […]

The Good and The Bad

Mommy’s home. She got in late last night. She is too exhausted to tell me anything except that she thinks sometimes my blog is too negative. Sometimes I think so, too. Especially lately. And it ain’t over yet. There is good to report, too, and I’ll get back to that.

I’m not a trained writer […]

“It’s how we do it.”

I am posting this morning via my new hi-speed internet service from Amnet, one of the two cable companies here. YAHOO!!!! We have been using WiMAX, a wireless signal shot from a huge tower on the mountain behind us. The plan is to provide WiMAX to the entire country, which is way better than no […]

Final Answer

NO to short-term speculation. Unless you can live with your money tied up for longer than you hope. OR you are looking to buy huge parcels, can be patient for the REAL deals to come along, spending serious money in the process. And can live with your money tied up for longer than you […]

I Take It All Back

Jeez, I sounded really bitter in that last post, eh? Not any more. Criticia is back in her coffin, sleeping it off, and Pollyanna is recalled to life, disgustingly cheerful. After two days in Uvita [ooo-VEE-ta, think Evita except with an ooo], I’m mellow and mushy as a sloth. So what if there is a […]