BBQ Chips, Ale 8 One, two Oreos and a Twinkie

That's a typical lunch in Kentucky. Ok, just kidding. It's what I had for lunch one day. Little miss health food here. Gosh, it was good.

Ale 8 One is the local soft drink, created, made and bottled in Winchester, my hometown. In fact, I'm staying in the founder's son's first wife's home, so there's […]


Both my mother and my dog were in the hospital this past weekend. That kinda thing makes it pretty stressful around here. To tell you the truth, I was more worried about my dog.

Why was Nana (my mother) in the hospital? Because she TOOK TOO MANY TYLENOL. This tells me two things:

#1 The […]


When we first moved here, of all the people we thought might come to visit wild and woolly Costa Rica, Mam, Hal's mom, would be the very last. Not just because she had never shown particular interest in traveling to foreign lands, but because she had been quite ill during the preceding year. She […]

The Mommy Chronicle

She came, she conquered, she threw herself – body and soul – at Costa Rica living, then she left. I’ll get the most obvious problem out of the way first: me. Me ‘n her. If my mom and I were the same age and not related, we’d be best friends. Along with Gayle, her […]

I Can’t WAIT Till Mo & Ryan See THIS:

It is 2am and I am up far too late… but I had to take a look at a YouTube link sent a couple of days ago from my friend, Jan. OH MY GOD: thank you, Jan!!!! It’s almost not even funny, it brings tears to my eyes, it’s so true. SO SO nice I’m […]

Do You Know The Way To Santa Ana?

So Mom takes off to do a little exploring. She’s been dying to see Ciudad Colon [see-ooo-DAHD co-LONE… only she says see-YOU-dahd… makes me nuts]. She drives over there, looks around, loves it (she loves everything) and heads back. You have to drive through Santa Ana*on the way to Ciudad Colon, and back.

On the […]

La Carpio

"I’ve worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty." – Groucho Marx in Monkey Business

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is no place like La Carpio. No place at all. My visit last Wednesday was so overwhelming, I’m having a hard time putting everything into words coherently. You know, like […]

Home Again

Compared to the hundreds of people who lost their homes and histories to the recent floods in the U.S. and to Dean in the Caribbean, Mom’s adventure in Mexico was a snap. Not that the overpriced hellhole run by moronic cretins is off the hook. But some of the fire is gone. Compared to recent […]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Mexico, that is. Mayan Palace is no Ugly Duckling. Darn it.

Mayan Palace Sucks

Big time. And the cretins who run the place are immune to Whoop Ass. So far, I am left with name-calling. But I’m not done scheming for a bit of tasy revenge. I don’t need much. Just $520 worth. Not even including the $50 for the bus ticket they told her to buy that she […]

Into The Eye

Ok, not really. I am flying to Mexico to rescue mom. Or at least have some fun with her for a couple of days. Her last few days have been so unbelievably stressful, I can’t stand it if one more thing goes wrong and she’s alone lugging that suitcase around. But more on that later.


Storm Mama

Mom just emailed me. She is alive and in a very nice hotel. Thank you, thank you. I guess now I have to give back the pink shirt I took from her room this afternoon to wear on the plane. I guess you can’t have everything. She wrote:

Subject: Storm MamaI’m in Playa del Carmen […]

Still No Word

Nada. I sound calm but I’m a wreck. She wanted me to go with her and I didn’t want to. Too much on my plate here. Of course, now I’m kicking my self, suffering mightily that I didn’t go with her. But there you go. I’m here. She’s not.

My sister-in-law called the FLL airport, […]