The Story of Boo

2 sept 2007

To call my mother a "pet lover" would be putting it SOOOO mildly. If she could, she'd bring home every stray. Every hungry perro: old, young, one-legged, smart, dumb, hairy, not. Every single one. She'd knock me right out of the way to get to a needy dog.

Up until moving to […]

What If We Don’t Come Home?

22 jan 2007

This is how scary the roads are here: on Xavier's and my first date in Costa Rica, as he was white-knuckling the steering wheel and I white-knuckling my thighs, ä thought occurred to both of us simultaneously. What would the boys do if we didn't come home? Sounds like a fun date, […]

Vacation Eyes

15 july 2007

In my morning meditation book, the lesson today is about practicing what the author calls The Vacation Principle. She writes, "When you're a tourist, the place you are is the most important place there is. … Everything is fascinating."

That's exactly what I've been missing, that "everything is fascinating" feeling. Our first […]

Friends To Dinner

14 jan 2007

We lived in Key West 30 years and never had as many visitors as we've had here in one year! Hal's mom came to visit within two weeks of our being here. The Eymanns and the Adams came for a week last summer. Then the week just before Christmas, Don and Jackie […]


28 april 2007

Around '94, Hal had business requiring several trips to Miami. When Mo asked where was Daddy going, Hal answered, "I'm going to Miami." One morning, Mo told me, "Daddy went to Hizami." At three years old, that logic is cute. At fifteen, Mo uses it to get results he will argue until […]

El Profesor de Español. Among other things.

9 oct 2007

Eduardo is our Spanish teacher. He comes to our house three mornings a week for two hours at a time. (Ok: $300/month.) We sit, we chat y nosotros aprendemos [no-SEW-troce ah-prin-DAY-moce, we learn]. Hal met him when he took a class in book-binding. Jorge teaches bookbinding. He's been a proofreader for La […]

Bring Me Yer Unwashed

11 nov 2006

When I first saw these washers in the stores here in Costa Rica, I didn't think much of them. They were flimsy looking and odd. Like the really ancient ones in the states.

Yesterday, they replaced our washer. It is FANTASTIC. I am completely ga-ga over this washer. It doesn't have […]

Whatever You Do…

DON'T buy a Stupidsung, er, Samsung washing machine. I was happy with it three years ago when we bought it. That was then: before it needed a repairman.

Last Monday night, a belt broke. At least we think it's a belt – it won't spin. Bright and early Tuesday morning, we called Melvin, who […]

Coup or No Coup?

Over on Costa Rica Living, we've been havin' ourselves a good ole time ranting and raving about Honduras and is it a coup or not. (It's not.) You can read the posts here (this is a 44 page pdf document… you have to be really interested!) The CRL camp is divided: half think coup, the […]

Still On Track To Live Forever

I saw two other doctors last week and the prognosis is excellent. I am always floored by the top-notch service, the professional manner, the time spent with me and the small money. Even though prices have gone up, it’s still so small… the healthcare alone would keep me in Costa Rica, especially at my advanced […]

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

In Heaven.The LTG is putting up One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Midstream, the director decided he couldn't complete the task, so I got tapped to direct: heaven. Of all the things I do, theatre is my thing. There's a shift in the human doing/being paradigm… even though it's a thing I'm doing, it's […]

Try And Maintain Calm

These are my boobs. Nice, huh? This is also my favorite picture of my boobs. They look perky here, yes? Firm. Perhaps because they are smashed flat between ice cold steel and plexi-glass, molded into perfection.

I mean, they ARE perky in real life, of course. Ask anyone.

OK, don’t ask anyone. They aren’t […]

100% Uncertain

Well, this has been an interesting trip to the states. For starters, week one, we went to tax court. If tax court doesn't strike fear in your heart, you must not have one. We've been anticipating tax court so long it's no longer terrifying. Just really really really really really scary.

Being in a courtroom […]