Still In Shock

You will be, too, when you read this, especially if you’ve ever had first-hand experience with migración. If you are moving to Costa Rica, a visit to migración will be required sooner or later. By the way, be sure to take your own papel higenico [pa-PELL ee-HEN-ick-oh, t.p.] Trust me, you will be there so […]

What If We Don’t Come Home?

22 jan 2007

This is how scary the roads are here: on Xavier's and my first date in Costa Rica, as he was white-knuckling the steering wheel and I white-knuckling my thighs, ä thought occurred to both of us simultaneously. What would the boys do if we didn't come home? Sounds like a fun date, […]

Not Feeling The Love

The Arias administration doesn’t seem to like gringos anymore. If it ever did, which is seeming less and less likely.

Last week, it published a new proposed immigration bill which, if passed, will effectively eliminate the gringo middle class here.

Pensionados, those receiving a monthly pension, have to prove $600/month income today. Under the […]

Possession (Squatters) vs. Ownership (You)

Garland Baker has a wealth of knowledge, that's for sure. Like on the topic of squatters. In 2004, he wrote this article explaining how…

Possession is more important than ownership

By Garland M. Baker Special to A.M. Costa Rica

Owning property in Costa Rica is much more than just having a deed. Possession is […]

Himno Nacional de Costa Rica

We have one and a half years to learn the National Hymn of Costa Rica. If I listen to this everyday, I’m sure I can master it. I will also know how to spell National Hymn of Costa Rica in several languages:

Lyrics so you can sing along:

Noble patria, tu hermosa banderaexpresión de […]

Filas, Firmas y Fechas

Translation: Lines, Signatures and Dates. Or Things a Costa Rican Bureaucracy Can’t Do Without. I left out estampilla [s-tom-PEE-jah, stamp] because it doesn’t start with an f. But this is actually the critical item. If at least one (and usually all) of your Important Documents don’t get pounded by a rubber stamp, you aren’t done. […]


A woman wrote to me recently about buying a house in Key West. Once she found out I live in Costa Rica, she wrote this:

I have a question since you are living in Costa Rica. This is where my husband originally wanted to get a home. We had even started to look when we […]

Gotcha Day Glitch

In the adoption world, Gotcha Day is the day we gotcha, the day we brought our new baby home. I get all teary remembering our two Gotcha Days. Yesterday, December 10th was Mo’s 16th Gotcha Day. To celebrate, Jen made cookies and brought them over. Hey, Jen, we ate every single one immediately, every delicious […]


So a certain maid called me this morning. She is suing me for slander. How about them apples? There should be plenty to blog about on this topic.


Dying In Costa Rica

If you die here, they put you right in the ground so you better make sure you’re dead.

If you are particular about WHERE they put you in the ground or IF they put you in the ground (instead of in, say, an urn), you want to make those arrangements beforehand.

For almost everything you […]