On the Master Plan

So much has happened since last post, I can’t think where to start. This episode really begins with the Key West trip, so let’s start there.

Pero primero (but first), the really big news: Winston has 99.9% recovered from heatstroke. When I left for Key West 10 June, he was like a little old man. […]

Heading Home

With a nice long stop in Miami to SHOP. (Long as in maybe an hour, until I go into sensory overload.) But, baby, oh baby: this is livin’! I’m probably only going to buy guitar strings for Mo and a salad spinner, but, hey, walking in those Ginormous Stores featuring an Overload of Stuff is […]


I’m in Key West right now, chillin’. Yep, chillin’ in 90 degree heat. I had planned to come up the 2nd week of May, to check on the properties I manage, see about adding rentals to that corral, to chill. I had a ticket paid for and everything. Then I got kinda busy coming […]

The MARC Xmas Train

22 dec 2006

MARC stands for Monroe Association for Retarded Citizens. Key West loves its retarded citizens and takes very good care of them. The MARC family rents a large space and runs a garden center where everyone shops for plants and orchids. They live in a group home, a pair of pretty little houses […]

Fessin’ Up

3 Oct 2006

For my birthday, my friend Mary sent me this book. I love it, very sweet, simple. The funny thing is: I read the title and thought to myself "I have a charmed life." I've never had that thought before. The funnier thing is, I had to get broke to find out. Now […]

Friends To Dinner

14 jan 2007

We lived in Key West 30 years and never had as many visitors as we've had here in one year! Hal's mom came to visit within two weeks of our being here. The Eymanns and the Adams came for a week last summer. Then the week just before Christmas, Don and Jackie […]

In America

"In America, you'll get food to eat. Don't have to run through the jungle and scuff up your feet. You'll just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day. It's great to be an American."                      – from Sail Away, Randy Newman's clever slave-trade ditty

All true, […]

Wrong Question

This morning, I had to admit to Hal that my homesickness has ratcheted up a notch lately. A big notch. So much so that, in my mind, I unconsciously find myself adding "when we go back" to the end of my thoughts. Unconsciously, until this morning when I heard my thoughts loud and clear. It […]

Cayo Hueso Loses Rosy Glow…

My friend Trixie in Key West wrote to me this morning. She is a world-traveler, lately fixated on India and immediate surrounds. We are certain she was an Indian princess in a past life. If there is such a thing. As a past life.

She so enjoys her adventures. But, sadly, last week she returned […]

The Trouble With Expat-ism

This past weekend I had occasion to be with four good buddies, formerly of Key West, now of Costa Rica. New expats all. Meet Dean, Perry, Jack and Kiki. I’ve known Dean and Perry for almost 20 years. Kiki I’ve known for a little over four. I’m pretty sure I’ve met her boyfriend Jack […]

Breakin’ 80

A few years ago, when Hal was a golf fanatic, he and I were enjoying a very romantic dinner, candlelight, moonlight, French cuisine served by Chef Correa, on a lovely open air porch in Key West. We were laughing and chatting, very romantic. Then I did the girl thing. I said, "Honey, I know you […]


Rumor has it I’m dead. Or flown the coop. Or fallen and can’t get up. Taken the money and run. (Been there, done that.) My friend Jan called, Paul called. There was even 15 minutes of discussion amongst the esteemed members of the Costa Rica Living Yahoo Group pondering my whereabouts. Wow. When I was […]

Key West Ramblings

Ah, Cayo Hueso. On our first day in Key West, the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, we spotted these bicycle Santas on Duval Street. Such a common sight, I almost didn’t record it!

I gained ten pounds in Key West. Everytime I made plans to see someone, it was for a meal: Ellen for early morning […]