Still In Shock

You will be, too, when you read this, especially if you’ve ever had first-hand experience with migración. If you are moving to Costa Rica, a visit to migración will be required sooner or later. By the way, be sure to take your own papel higenico [pa-PELL ee-HEN-ick-oh, t.p.] Trust me, you will be there so […]

Huge Bummer

Costa Rica seems intent on passing the new immigration bill. A revised version just passed the first hurdle unanimously. The only good thing in the revision was that one can still apply for permanent residency after three years instead of five. As long as you have beaucoup bucks to be able to stay here the […]

Not Feeling The Love

The Arias administration doesn’t seem to like gringos anymore. If it ever did, which is seeming less and less likely.

Last week, it published a new proposed immigration bill which, if passed, will effectively eliminate the gringo middle class here.

Pensionados, those receiving a monthly pension, have to prove $600/month income today. Under the […]