Wilma Survivors

Welcome to Wilma World

“How did you do in the storm?” is the phrase around town. Everyone is asking, everyone is telling. The story of our lives is now told in two distinct sections: B.W. (Before Wilma) and A.W. (After Wilma). We are currently a town of very very tired people, some of us still […]

Overwhelmed by Wilma

Hello everyone,

New town is a wreck and Pollyanna is in a coma. Neighbors have piled their belongings on the sidewalk. All of their belongings: carpets, sofas, appliances, dressers, mattresses, pictures, boxes of stuff. Cars line the streets, cars that used to run. It ain’t pretty. We are pretty overwhelmed here, just beginning to […]

Wilma’s Wake Update

The next morning…

Driving to Waterworld…

Good morning! We are headed home, 7am and 40degrees here in north Florida. FREEZING. Found out late yesterday that our house did flood so we have to race home and dry out before the mold sets in. Thank God it’s cold!

Our CBS house is waaaaay out in newtown […]

Wilma’s Wake

Newsletter written just after Hurricane Wilma landed…

You’ve got good news and bad news…

Wilma blew into town right after we blew out so we missed the excitement. Now we are missing 24-48 hours of no electricity and water up to our eyeballs. Wish I were there. I’ve spoken to a few friends. The […]

The Truth About Rita

Newsletter written the morning after Hurricane Rita slid by… Lovely Rita skims Key West

So many of you called and emailed worried for our safety, for your property, asking were we ok. My mother in law was beside herself due to the media coverage. We told her to turn off the TV. The power was […]

A Mighty Wind

Newsletter written during Hurricane Dennis…

Dennis who?

The wind, she’s a blowing! Dennis is down to Category 2 and is sliding right by us. The wind is pretty unbelievable, whipping past the windows. We have our shutters down with the windows cracked to let in air, lost electricity about 9:30 or so last night. Trying […]