My 2 Least Favorite Things About Costa Rica

As you know, I hate to complain. But a coupla things are ticking me off lately. Like…

1. Gringo Pricing. While ticas and I are the same height, all resemblance stops there. Ticos see me coming. Like going into the local pulperia [mom and pop grocery] for eggs last week. A flat of eggs in […]

What If We Don’t Come Home?

22 jan 2007

This is how scary the roads are here: on Xavier's and my first date in Costa Rica, as he was white-knuckling the steering wheel and I white-knuckling my thighs, ä thought occurred to both of us simultaneously. What would the boys do if we didn't come home? Sounds like a fun date, […]

Fessin’ Up

3 Oct 2006

For my birthday, my friend Mary sent me this book. I love it, very sweet, simple. The funny thing is: I read the title and thought to myself "I have a charmed life." I've never had that thought before. The funnier thing is, I had to get broke to find out. Now […]


28 april 2007

Around '94, Hal had business requiring several trips to Miami. When Mo asked where was Daddy going, Hal answered, "I'm going to Miami." One morning, Mo told me, "Daddy went to Hizami." At three years old, that logic is cute. At fifteen, Mo uses it to get results he will argue until […]

Coup or No Coup?

Over on Costa Rica Living, we've been havin' ourselves a good ole time ranting and raving about Honduras and is it a coup or not. (It's not.) You can read the posts here (this is a 44 page pdf document… you have to be really interested!) The CRL camp is divided: half think coup, the […]

Forget The Sewing Machines… For Now:

A Cabecar Indigenous reality

Posted by Ginnee Hancockon the Costa Rica Living GroupThu Jul 3, 2008 12:19 pm (PDT)

Yesterday a Cabecar Indigenous woman came down from the reservation with her mother and her child, a deformed two year old. The child has never seen a doctor and was born on the reservation. […]


Man, my patience is tried. I’m fried, wiped out. I surrender. Ok, I almost surrender, but it’s touch and go. When bad things happen here – just everyday bad things – you come up against the culture shock thing big time. Because simple solutions here are not… simple. Mainly because they take way, way, waaaaaay […]


A woman wrote to me recently about buying a house in Key West. Once she found out I live in Costa Rica, she wrote this:

I have a question since you are living in Costa Rica. This is where my husband originally wanted to get a home. We had even started to look when we […]

Follow The Bouncing Ball

We are home again, back at my desk next to my bed wearing my sheets (the bed, not me). So happy to be in my house with my stuff. Overlooking my valley. Through my razor wire. Which seems to have lost its lustre. Sigh.

I have to tell you: I came back a tad confused. […]

In America

"In America, you'll get food to eat. Don't have to run through the jungle and scuff up your feet. You'll just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day. It's great to be an American."                      – from Sail Away, Randy Newman's clever slave-trade ditty

All true, […]

On Not Expecting the Unexpected…

Cindy, Gary and their tres hijos [trace EE-hose, three sons] have been planning a trip to Costa Rica for many months. And I mean planning, leaving no stone unturned. Secretly harboring a thought or two of giving up the stinking Canadian rat race and transplanting to this beautiful warm country. The best laid plans and […]

“Mel Gibson, Please.”

I thought of something else I need in 2008. I need to talk to Mel Gibson. If you know him, could you please get me an audience?

Why? Well, he’s cute for one thing, although probably too old for me now. OK: DON’T tell him I said that.

Plus, he bought a huge chunk of […]

Where Do I Begin?

Last Thursday, the Badgetts and Mo and Ryan and I all took off for Ginnee and Phil Hancock’s home out in the boonies. I mean OUT in the BOONIES. The Badgetts brought an extra suitcase with clothes and Christmas presents for the Cabecar [kah-BECK-are] indigenous tribe. We’d all been invited to spend a couple […]