Parismina Advice

Jackie wrote asking advice for her upcoming trip to Parismina:

Hi Sara,

How are you? I have been reading your CR blog the past few days and I just wanted to let you know its great. I lived In Quepos, CR for several months and loved it. I traveled all over CR and I […]

“Obras, No Palabras.”

"Works, Not Words." On the last jungle weekend of Camp Jungle2Jersey, the boys and I visited Barry and Nanci at The Bridge located a hair to the north of Puerto Viejo. I will try to write about The Bridge and our day there without using the words incredible, amazing, inspiring, beautiful, moving, overwhelming, unbelievable, […]

Puerto Viejo & Points South

This trail picks up at Limón, just after the ferry ride from Parismina. From that small port (and I couldn’t find this place on a map if my life depended on it), we took a local bus into Limón. Which was not that easy to catch… At most bus stops, like 90% of them, there […]

Thievery From Every Perspective

July has been quite the month for lessons on crime.

On Day One of Camp J2J, we were stolen from. At our first cabina in Puerto Viejo, I was accused of stealing, lying and poor parenting. When I got home, I discovered we’d had an attempted break-in at our house. Thievery from every perspective.

On […]

Hot Like In Hell

Our little Royal Family was not happy in Parismina and we left as soon as humanly possible. The day after our forced march, we were so exhausted that doing a patrol that night was out of the question. And this first day, our only full day there, we were stolen from left and right. Very […]

Stealing For Sport

Hal spent a year in Germany in his youth. During that year, he traveled all over Europe. He said in every country but France, you could hold out your hand with money in it to pay for something and get back the right change. They’d count it out so you’d know.

Do NOT do that […]

A Good Walk Completely And Utterly Spoiled

The Parismina posts are a tad humiliating to write because the complete and utter depth of my APness is painfully obvious. AP is JAP without the Jewish. Being a materialistic pampered little thing is certainly not reserved for a people. I can tell any lawyer joke without batting an eye. But in the pre-PC-JAP-joke days, […]

Conquering the Mighty Pacuare

The Fearless Four along with Hal the Driver are on the way to doing just this when our car breaks down. Two days before, Hal had picked it up from the shop where it’d been for a week. Driving these roads does a pretty thorough wear and tear job on your suspension… Since we’d […]

A Few Stolen Moments

It is Sunday afternoon and the boys are finally having their surfing lesson! We’ve been thwarted every single time: stranded the first time and unable to make our date, waves too big the next time, waves too small the next time, then we thought we were leaving and decided not to try again. Then we […]

A Month On The Caribbean Side

David is a regular Costa Rica Living Group contributor. He and his wife, Charlotte, recently spent a month on the wild side. Yesterday, he wrote to the group about it. Since my family has not been, I was captivated by his story. Can’t wait to go – as soon as the play is over…. After […]