Eye On The Flu Shot

An update on the flu shot from Dr. Mercola here. I’ve come to really respect this guy. He sells vitamins and health equipment, but his views are supported by research and I find the same information on many other respected websites and forums. I read a lot of websites and forums on health and vaccines and natural healing everyday – Dr. Mercola is top-notch and worth taking the time to subscribe (free – you can sign-up for a daily email on his site).

2 comments to Eye On The Flu Shot

  • That video pretty much sums up how I feel about flu shots. My mom got one every year. I’ve never had one and expect never to get one. I’d rather suffer through the flu. I rarely take medicine for the flu either, I let it run it’s course and it’s over quick. Theraflu to sleep and that’s it.

  • I’m always amazed, with all the information out there on the damage that vaccines do, that anyone would get a flu shot. We take tons of Vit D3 (now, along with a ton of other vitamins) and that’s supposed to do the trick. But I wouldn’t have a flu shot (or any other vaccine) if my life depended on it. Which I don’t believe it does. Quite the opposite.

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