“Mel Gibson, Please.”

I thought of something else I need in 2008. I need to talk to Mel Gibson. If you know him, could you please get me an audience?

Why? Well, he’s cute for one thing, although probably too old for me now. OK: DON’T tell him I said that.

Mel_and_oscar_2Plus, he bought a huge chunk of land in Costa Rica, near Samara
where Hal and Mo went for the airshow. Practically the next day, he had an audience with El Presidente during which, I have come to understand, he gave El Presidente money for charity.

Um, Mel, I hate to start off on the wrong foot with you, but, if you are looking to make a difference here, that’s not how we do it in Costa Rica. Or anywhere, come to think of it. You just don’t give money to a government if you want that money to do some good. You give it to the Actual People who are accomplishing the Actual Good. Who are personally, physically, hands-on doing the good.

I happen to know a few of those people. And they could use that help. Quality, meaningful help over time. The kind of help they won’t ever receive from a government who, if it were ever going to help in a meaningful way, would have done so by this time. It has other fish to fry.

Cabecar_caraSo I need to talk to Mel. Talk to him about the people who are making a difference in Costa Rica. I promise not to ask for much. As you know, it doesn’t take much to make a difference around here.

So. I’ll be checking my inbox. Looking forward to spreading a little prosperity, peace and love around to the people who are so hungry for it in Costa Rica. Thank you. Happy New Year!

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5 comments to “Mel Gibson, Please.”

  • Amen. Oh, and if you do meet Mel Gibson, tell him to go easy on his vitriolic hatred of people different from him. He’s a jerkoff, the chances of a guy like him listening to anyone without a PR motive is low, I’d imagine.
    Happy New Year, keep on keeping on… become the change you’d like to see in the world.

  • Thank you, Simon. I’m changing into a slimmer me… that will be the first change. Working on nicer, too… that would help the world! I have no idea of how much of a jerk Mr. G can be. But he’s got the goods that will help my friends who are actually changing this world. If he will share, it’s bound to help his PR. I’m going to focus on that!!!

  • He bought near Nosara, where we live. Barco Quebrada which is just past Garza, I believe, on the way to Samara from Nosara beaches. I’ll let you know!

  • Wow – a Mel Gibson connection in the same blogosphere. Thank you, Heidi! It will give me an excuse to come to Nosara…

  • I emailed you before I figured out how to reply to the blogs. If you are ever in your email inbox, the subject line is ‘Supplies for Costa Rica Students’

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