Mayan Palace Sucks

Big time. And the cretins who run the place are immune to Whoop Ass. So far, I am left with name-calling. But I’m not done scheming for a bit of tasy revenge. I don’t need much. Just $520 worth. Not even including the $50 for the bus ticket they told her to buy that she could not use. Not including the $200 for my plane ticket to come rescue her. Not including anything for her pain, stress and suffering which was plenty and plenty unnecessary. Nope: just $520 worth.

Because $520 is the amount mom had to spend seeking shelter from the storm in Playa del Carmen. The G.M., after listening to the complete picture of how his and his staffs’ irresponsible actions directly affected mom and us in the face of the oncoming cat 5 storm, turned down my request for a credit in this amount to my mom for food and services (gym, internet, massage, etc.) incurred after these morons threw her out onto the street.

He did the open-palms-up-I’m-helpless-here thing… while telling me how the 700 guests who had already checked in got to sleep in their beds! I threatened a plague of locusts or something scary and left. A bit later, he sent up a tiny fruit plate on a silver metal platter with a note: "Sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy the rest of your stay."

I sent the platter back with one of my own:

Dear Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Warnholtz,

Please take back the fruit plate and give us a credit for its value against our bill. We kept the fruit so we would have something to eat.

If either of your mothers are ever in Costa Rica and need help in any emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will make sure she has shelter from any storm and is as well taken care of as if she were my own mother.

Pura vida

I’m not going to waste another second worrying about it, though. Not till I get home to my plentiful hi-speed internet. I’m typing as fast as I can. The internet here is it NOT $5/hour. It is $4 for 1/2 hour, $7/hour. You pay up front so if you go one minute over 1/2 hour, you pay another $4. Their internet must be more expensive than mine is.

Just for kicks I looked up Mayan Palace It’s already taken. By Mayan Palace. Looks like they were expecting a little Whoop Ass. Ahhh. That gave me a chuckle. Most of the fun is in the scheming!

Mom loves it here and it is beautiful. We are going to have a lovely time these next few days. Going to Xel-Ha tomorrow, her favorite place. I may not post much till we get home, though. Need money for food.

See you all – pura vida!

Ok. I did not send the platter back with the note. Mom was a) mortified and b) afraid they’d blacklist her. Besides, it wouldn’t do any good. He wouldn’t get it. So…

Mom and I just had a GREAT dinner at a place called Yaxche on the main drag in Playa del Carmen. Dinner for two $60, excellent service, incredible flavors, beautiful restaurant. Perfect. Time for bed. Need sleep for scheming.

8 comments to Mayan Palace Sucks

  • We should launch a virtual attack on them, get the whole Internet in an uproar. Have a campaign to write blog reviews (“if we could give them NEGATIVE stars, we would!”), write in to ALL the guidebooks, especially the snobby ones, and then, when the damage has been done, send a big fat NANNY NANNY BOO BOO letter to Mayan Palace. See how they like that.

  • Jack S

    Try sending your story to this site they love this type of stuff maybe they will put it on their site. Alot of the Major compinies love it “NOT”

  • If you have a chance, please check out Casa Maya on the main drag and see if it still exists. That’s where my resort home is.
    People don’t understand “turn the other cheek” but I’m sure you hit a nerve with them.
    I’m all for “give hell Sally” but your response to helping his Mom in CR was perfect. Too many people just “do their job” and not very well at that.
    I had a problem in Manual Antonio at Tres Banderos and had to turn the other cheek as well. The guy kicked me out to the street and wouldn’t let me use the phone to call my driver. It was awful.

  • Xel-Ha is one of my favorites, also. I haven’t been there in many years, so I’d like to hear how it is.

  • Erin: THAT’s the spirit!!! I can’t do anything from here, but once I get back I’m going to Jack’s site (thank you, Jack!) and tell my tale of woe. Put up some website with the story… all I want to do is cost them some money. They should pay something, enough to hurt, for throwing my old mom out on her butt, then neglecting to note it for the benefit of her family.
    Robert, we are going tomorrow, I hope. It sounds heavenly!

  • Arp

    How about a barrage of bad reviews on

  • Paul M.

    Arp’s ‘’ review suggestion above looks promising and will be in sharp contrast to the ‘glowing’ praise I just read there.
    My advice on posting a less-than-glowing review to it: Just stick to the facts. They alone should do the trick.
    Both Saratica and her Mom (especially) should post and then others who know either of these ladies might be able to write ‘sympathy’ posts to reinforce the original ones.
    Just my mind rolling on this tale of hurricane horror.
    Cheers, anyway!

  • Thank you for the show of support! Everyone I’ve told the story to is appalled. For now, I’m going to write up the gory details on its own blog: And I will post just the facts on tripadvisor, epinions, etc (Chris gave me a list of places to post) plus Jack’s site. Hal says you do a Google bomb: somewhere in a post, you put the words “overpriced hellhole” and then link it to my blog. So when people search for Mayan Palace, what they get are posts all referencing overpriced hellhole. Ah. Power to the people.
    But for right now, I’ve got one more day here with mom and she loves it. I have to keep biting my tongue. SHE’s all forgive and forget. Where did she come from, with all this love??? Actually, where did I come from??? Anyway. One more day here in this absolutely gorgeous spot. Then Criticia comes out of the box! And then, actually looking forward to having something else to think about!!!!

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